Friday, July 18, 2014

Winter Park Toastmasters, A Cool Place To Learn

     Andy Brown, invited me to join him on Friday morning at 7:30 AM for a meeting of Toastmasters.  This is a club that teaches people to speak better in public.  I was a member of Winter Park Toastmasters for twenty four years. 

     Joining Toastmasters two weeks after I got my Florida real estate license in 1974 was probably the best career decision I ever made.  I learned to speak in public.  I learned how to communicate better than 95% of the people in town. 

     Why would anyone want to learn to speak in public?  What if the Apostle Paul had been a poor speaker?  What if Abraham Lincoln had been a dull speaker?  Public speaking skills are the most marketable skills that anyone can possess.  Being able to speak to a group with confidence and poise will propel your career upwards faster than any other skill. 

     All other things being equal, would you promote the employee with poor speaking skills or extraordinary speaking skills?  Would you think,"Oh,who cares if my new branch manager is an excellent public speaker or not."?  There is no better place to learn this skill than Toastmasters. 

     If your kids are growing up, I am sure you will understand this.  All three of my kids are excellent speakers.  My oldest is a leadership coach consultant. Check her out  at .  My second child is a speaker.  If you need any more information about Toastmasters, call her, Karen Climer  at 407 493 3974 .  My son is a instructor at Parsons University in Manhattan.  I didn't write this article to brag about my kids.  They learn what they see you doing.  If they see you communicating when they are little, they will learn to communicate .  These are skills worth passing on.

     Check out Toastmasters.  It is fun.  It is almost free.  You will learn a skill that will change your life. BTW Guess what I do for a living                    
  Check out Toastmasters.  It will change your life.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Preparation, The Cure For The Rejection Problem

     I posted an article on Active Rain recently encouraging rookie Realtors to hold an open house as a method of finding prospects.  I received a comment from a new agent expressing her reluctance to follow up with the hot prospects that she met at her open house due to her fear of rejection.

     Something that rookie Realtors need to know is that most sales trainers have forgotten how bad rejection feels.  Rejection is painful.  You can minimize rejection with preparation.
Climer School of Real Estate also has sales training

     Plan the  questions that you plan to ask prospects when you call.  Don't shoot from the hip.  Ask questions that can not be answered with a no.  "If I found the home of your dreams available for sale at a price you could afford, would you want me to contact you or just keep it a secret?"  "How would you want me to contact you?"

     "What features would you want in that dream home?"
     "What school district would you want it to be in?"
     "How far are you willing to travel to work?"
     "Where do you work?"
      "How long have you been looking for a new home?"
      "Have you seen a house that you wish you had bought?"
      "Why did you not buy it when you saw it?"
      "What are you doing about selling your old home?"
      "What is your favorite way to look at real estate?"
      "What do you enjoy most about the house looking process?"
      "Is the neighborhood important to you?"
       "What is your favorite neighborhood?"
      "What do like most about XYZ Estates?"
       "Do you plan to pay cash or do you need to arrange financing ?"
       " If I knew the best mortgage guy in town would you want me to put you in touch with him or would you rather just hope you find a good one on your own?"
      "How many bedrooms do you need?"
      "Do you like a big yard or a little yard?"

     Write out twenty or thirty questions similar to these.  Have them in front of you when you call a prospect.  Don't try to think up questions when you are under pressure.  Sit down calmly in the training room with your peers and write up a list of questions that anyone could ask almost any prospect.  It won't be long until you don't need the list.  You will have these questions written on your brain.  Until then, write and use a list.  Call a prospect today.  If we can help, contact us at   For more help with questions, watch this video.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Florida Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Results For June 2014

      Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation released the pass fail results for the Florida real estate exam for June this week.  Two thousand three hundred and forty one Florida real estate sales associate license applicants paid $31.50 to take the Florida real estate exam in June, 2014.  One thousand one hundred and twenty passed.  That is a 48% pass ratio.  Fifty two per cent of the first time test takers  that took the Florida real estate exam were disappointed. 

Pass fail ratio for Florida real estate exam
     Two thousand four hundred and ninety five test takers took the Florida real estate exam for the second or third or fourth or fifth time.  All of these applicants paid $31.50 for the adventure.  Eight hundred and seven passed.  That is a 32% pass rate for repeat test takers.  This information is from the DBPR. Sixty eight per cent of the repeat test takers failed.

     Is that discouraging?  It doesn't have to be.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we know what you need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam.  This is what we teach in our basic sixty hour real estate course.  We teach our students how to pass the Florida real estate exam.

     We teach this in our basic sixty hour real estate class.  We teach it more intensely in the two day Florida real estate exam review that we teach twice per month.  Some people call this the"cram course".  We teach this class to help our students pass the Florida real estate exam.

     If you are interested in getting a Florida real estate license, you have to take the basic sixty hour class from some real estate school.  Before you enroll in a real estate school, check the school out. Read their Google reviews.  Ask some rookie Realtors where they went to real estate school.  Ask if they would recommend their school. 

     Almost universally, students that took an online real estate course from a real estate school that specializes in all fifty states wish they had taken their real estate course from a Florida real estate school to prepare for the Florida real estate exam.  This makes too much sense.  This Florida real estate exam is no joke.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we use a textbook written by Linda Crawford, a professor at the University of Florida.  Our instructors sell or have sold real estate in Florida.  We don't teach the laws of the other forty nine states.  It is the Florida real estate exam.  We teach people to pass the Florida real estate exam.

     If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam, get yourself a copy of the "Candidate's Handbook", a booklet issued free by the DBPR to anyone that will read it.  It has a breakdown of what is on the Florida real estate exam.  This will tell you what to study.  If you want a copy of this wonderful booklet, go to The problem that many of the 52% that are failing the Florida real restate exam are having is that they are studying th wrong stuff.  They are studying stuff that is not on the Florida real estate exam.  Even worse, they are studying information that is wrong.

     It is no secret what is on the Florida real estate exam.  Well, maybe it is a secret but the folks at Climer School of Real Estate know the secret.  Our instructors tell you exactly what is on the Florida real estate exam.  We do not teach a bunch of stuff that is not on the Florida exam.

     There are lots of ways to study.  Many real estate sales associate license applicants don't discover that they need to study until they they fail the Florida real estate exam or read an article such as this one.  Once they discover that they need to study, it doesn't take long to find "Climer School" on You Tube.  We have free real estate math videos that explain the real estate math that is on the Florida real estate exam.  When you go to You Tube, our user name is Climerschool .  There is a playlist of twelve real estate math videos.  There is no math that is on the Florida real estate exam that is not on these videos.   Here is a link to one of those twelve free videos.  The Florida real estate exam is officially ten per cent math.  There are other questions that the DBPR doesn't call math that is math.  For instance, computing acres or square feet in a legal description is not considered math.  If you can do the math on the Florida real estate exam, you odds of passing increase.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we teach a two day state exam review.  The only purpose of this intense class is to prepare students to pass the Florida real estate exam.  Half of these students are our students and half of the students come from other real estate schools. Half of these students have already taken the Florida real estate exam once or twice .  If you wonder how we know what is on the Florida real estate exam, these students tell us.  Some of them have gone back to Pearson Vue and paid the $$$ to review their exam after they failed.  This is where Pearson Vue allows you to look at your exam that you failed.  They give you the right answers.  This is red hot intel.

     In this two day state exam review class, we use Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers".  as the textbook.  This is the most wonderful book.  It is an outline of the textbook that we use in the sixty hour real estate class.  It has 4 one hundred question practice tests in the back.  Many people don't take our two day class.  They just buy the "Exam Manual".  You can not find a better study aid than the exam manual.  If you would like to  purchase a copy, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 .

     We realize that many people can not attend this two day live class.  We put it on audio and video.  You can access by going to our website at .

     Another great way to study is to create your own flashcards.  Take 3x5 cards and write What law prohibits price fixing?  on the front and Sherman Clayton Anti Trust act on the back.  Make about five hundred of these.  This is a great way to study.

     Do not waste your time and your $31.50 taking the Florida real estate exam without preparing.  If you want to find out if you are ready, go to Climer School of Real Estate 's website and take our free practice exam.  If we can help you pass, contact us. 

     Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Florida Real Estate License Bargain

     Today, July 1, 2014, The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation reduced the application fee for a Florida real estate license. The application fee for a Florida real estate sales associate dropped to $89  The application fee for a Florida real estate broker's license has dropped to $97.   What a bargain.  Don't take my word for it.  Check it out at .

     Couple that with Climer School of Real Estate 's "Summer Special" pre license sales associate class at $180.  This is the time to get your Florida real estate license. 

     If we can only get Pearson Vue to drop the price of taking the Florida real estate exam.                        


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Give More Than You Get

     In bussiness, in social settings, and any other human interaction, give more than you get is a good axiom.  If you strive to give more than you get, you will always get more. 

Ron Climer believes that effort can never go unrewarded
     If you can,t accept this on faith, that is understandable.  It is very ambiguous.  Try to prove it to yourself.  Give this a try for about thirty days.  Think about a interaction you have.  Let's use your job as a n example.  Do you give your employer more than he pays for?  As Napoleon Hill calls it, do you go the "extra mile"?  If you don't give more than you get, don't expect a raise anytime soon.  If you do give more than you get, a raise is as inevitable as the sunrise. Here is a link with more detail on that.

      When you give more than you get, there is always a psychic debt to you.  If you get more than you give, you create a debt to the universe.  You will have to pay this debt with interest. 

     Is that right?  Does that make sense?  If your current employer doesn't recognize your talents and abilities, someone will.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Keeping Your Real Estate Attitude Positive

     Most of us will agree that a positive attitude is a good thing.  How can we keep our attitude positive?  I saw a great picture on Facebook this morning.  It was a picture of a pride of lions marching towards the camera.  The caption read," Surround yourself with people that are on the same mission as you."   What a great thought.  Who you associate with will affect your success more than just about anything.  Associate with winners.  Hang around with winners.  Eat lunch with winners.  Spend your leisure time with winners.  Stay away from losers and whiners.  One of my students asked me how can you tell the winners from the losers.  It is simple.  The winners are winning and the losers are losing and whining about it.

     Have you invited the top producer in your office to lunch, lately?  Invite the top producer in your office to lunch and listen, listen, listen.  Be sure to pick up the check.  Associate with winners.  When that whiner invites you to lunch, decline.  Associate with winners.

     Activity is the killer of a bad attitude.  Fill your day with productive prospecting activity.  If you are my friend on Facebook, I send you a message every day to call a prospect, today.  This is the magic of sales.  This is the "Open Sesame" of real estate sales.  Calling prospects, like most positive activities, has ancillary benefits.  The primary benefit of calling prospects is that you get appointments to make presentations.  The other benefit is you just feel good about yourself.

     You sit down and you call about ten prospects.  You know that you are doing something that ninety per cent of the Realtors in Florida can not do.  They do not know how to do this.  They are afraid.  You are doing it. You are not afraid.
You are doing it.  You are calling prospects every day.  It doesn't take long until you realize you are in a very elite group.  Activity cures a lot of negative feelings.  Engage in positive, productive activities.  Whoever coined the phrase,"An idle mind is the devil's workshop" must have been a sales manager.

     Feed your mind the right stuff.  Advertisers spend zillions of dollars to feed your mind.  They would not do this if it did  not work.  Feed your mind positive stuff.  Listen to positive, motivational, educational recording in your car.  Read a good book.  It is so easy today.  Books are online.  They are cheap or free.  The public library is free.  There is so much that you need to know.  How is your listing presentation?  There is a program for that.  How is your objection answering skill?  There is a recorded program for that.  Can you close?  There is a program for that.  Constant learning is necessary in the twenty first century.  Do you have written down committed to goals?  There is a program to learn how to do that.  How is your web presence?  There is a learning program for that.   Feed your mind.  Audio, video, and books are available.  It is your choice.  The choices you make today create your tomorrow.  You can spend your non working time any way you like. Start a book today.  Visit the library today.  Call a prospect today.   

     Measure your success.  If you are on the road to success, you need to know where you are.  I presume you have written down, committed to goals.  I presume this because, if you don't, it is almost impossible to stay positive.  If you don't have written down, committed to goals, solve this problem today.

     Take your goal and break it down to THIS month.  Let's say your goal is to list four houses this month.  Do the arithmetic.  Make yourself a chart like a thermometer and track your progress.  Chart how many prospects you have called.  Chart how many listing appointments you have been on.  This is , not only, good for your spirit, it helps you learn what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.  There is no other way to know.

     Stay positive.  Associate with winners.  Stay active doing positive, productive prospecting work.  Feed your mind with positive educational material.  Chart your progress.  It won't be long until some rookie is calling you and inviting you to lunch.  Call a prospect, today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mr. Sales Manager, What Is A Good New Real Estate Agent Worth?

     Many sales managers and brokers admonish their sales associates for not prospecting enough.  These brokers should lead by example.  Do your agents call forsalebyowners and expired listings?  Maybe they would if they heard you on the phone calling the new Florida real estate exam candidates from the DBPR list.  It comes out every Friday.  In central Florida, there are about one hundred new applicants for a Florida real estate license on this list.  Half of them are looking for a place to start their new real estate career.

Half of these real estate license applicants are looking for a broker
     Why don't you call them?  You could call the ones in your zip code.  If you don't have the list, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  She will show you how to get it from the DBPR for free.  If you called the list and hired one agent, how much would that agent be worth to you?  Let's say you started that agent on a sixty forty split.  If he earned $30,000 for himself, he would earn $20,000 for the company.  Did I do that math right?  If he stayed with you for five years, is that $100,000?  If you don't call him, your competitor will.  What are the odds that Mr. Real Estate License Applicant will call you?  I think those odds are pretty slim.  If you call him and invite him to come interview with you, he probably will.

     Why don't your real estate agents call fsbos and expired and other luke warm prospects?  You know why.  They don't want to be rejected.  Why don't you call the DBPR list?  We know this will work.

     A broker or sales manager's job is to recruit.  Just as listing is the most lucrative thing a sales associate can do is get a new listing, recruiting a new agent is the most lucrative thing a sales manager can do.  Lead by example.  Call a recruiting prospect.

     If we can help you with your recruiting efforts,contact us at