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Why The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate School in Florida

Plan your new Real Estate Career in 2015 with The Climer School of Real Estate

Take your Florida Real Estate Sales Associate 63 Hour Pre License Class at The Climer School, the Best Real Estate License School in Orlando

There are so many reasons why The Climer School is the consumer rated number one real estate license school in Orlando, in central Florida, and in all of Florida for that matter. We are so focused on making sure that you pass your state exam. That is our number one goal and mission. We do not try to make you a real estate expert. That will come later, well after you pass the state exam. 

Climer School of Real Estate, The Best Real Estate School in all of Florida

Andy Brown, the new Head Instructor at The Climer School, has created an environment of fun, comradery, and learning that will prepare you to pass your state exam better than at any other school in the entire state of Florida. 

We have 3 different day and time formats, specifically to accommodate all schedules and lifestyles. The Climer School now even offers all of its real estate classes in Spanish too! 

Our first Spanish Real Estate Sales Associate 63 Hour Pre License Class begins on January 12th, 2015. It is our 2 week, 10 day, Monday through Friday, 6 hours a day format. Each day is from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and ends on Friday, January 23rd, 2015. You can sign up right now by going to!climber-school-sign-up/ccdy . 

We have a powerful 2 Day State Sales Exam Review Class, referred to by many as our “Cram Course”. It is the best State Exam Review Class in the whole state of Florida. Andy Brown teaches many test beating, exam taking strategies as well as reviewing the course content. 

The Climer School has Free real estate math tutorial videos on its Youtube channel, Climer School, and we have many more coming. We have a Free Practice Exam on our website, and more coming here as well. 

We have an Online Video 2 Day State Sales Exam Review Class. If you can not make our classroom version, take advantage of our online version. It is of an actual class, just with no live class so there is not any questions and conversation. 

We are about to have a Pearson Vue Computer Based Testing Exam – Exam Simulator with at least 1000 questions. And, we will have three versions. The full version, the just math version, and the just everything but math version if you buy the math only version and change your mind and decide you want the rest of it. 

 We are so dedicated to doing everything we possibly can to help you pass your state exam. Andy Brown has been in the real estate industry for well over 20 years. He has been a licensed real estate agent, a Realtor, a licensed mortgage broker, a licensed state loan originator, a licensed national loan originator, a licensed insurance agent, a licensed title insurance agent, and now he is also a licensed state of Florida Real Estate Instructor. 

We talked with him about why he created the Introduction To Life As A Professional Real Estate Agent class, or as he calls it, the “What Do I Do Now?” class. 

Andy told us that it has always bothered him how the state required classes are only there to teach you what is on the state required test. He feels that there is nothing in any of the classes, especially the real estate classes, that teach you or inform you about anything that actually helps you as a professional once you have your state issued license. You are sort of thrown to the wolves, starting with the fact that Most agents pick their first broker based on what the commission split is and who they know. 

While these two factors may lead you to a great decision, they are not usually the best two factors to make your first life changing, career decision with. There are so many other factors to evaluate, and Andy goes over them all, in great detail. 

By the time you are through this class, you will know all of the factors to consider that are important to you, and you will know all of the right questions to ask your potential new brokers as you are interviewing them. Andy and the What Do I Do Now? Class not only cover brokers and companies but also all of the areas of your life that are affected and how to make sure that you do not burn out or ignore important areas such as your relationships. 

The reviews on this class have all been astounding and amazing! Check out our Youtube ClimerSchool Channel testimonials.  And, if you have a little more time, check out our 5 Star Google Reviews! And we even have many 5 Star Yelp Reviews! These reviews are not by accident.

From all of us at The Climer School of Real Estate, we thank you for your support and we hope that we see you very soon!

Make sure you let your friends know about The Climer School Of Real Estate. We are the Best Real Estate School in central Florida.

The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate License School In Florida. Call us at 407-822-3926, and visit our website at . 

Andy Brown is the best real estate licensing instructor in Florida.

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