Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Andy Brown, The Best Real Estate Instructor in Florida, at The Climer School of Real Estate #bestrealestateinstructor #bestrealestateinstructorinflorida

The Climer School of Real Estate has Andy Brown, the Best Real Estate Instructor in Florida #bestrealestateinstructor #bestrealestateinstructorinflorida 

There are many reasons why you want to take your Real Estate license class with Andy Brown. He is the very Best Real Estate Instructor in Florida.

Meet Andy Brown! Andy is the new “Head Instructor” and more officially; the Director of Education and Training at The Climer School of Real Estate in Orlando, FL. 

Andy has almost 25 years of experience in the central Florida Real Estate Industry. He has experience in every area at every level. He has Real Estate and Realtor experience, he has Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer and Banker experience, he has Association Lobbying experience, and he has Title Insurance Business experience. Andy has just about seen it all and done it all. 

He also has 35 years of experience teaching and instructing adult professionals, and public speaking. He is also a sought after Professional Speaker, Keynote Speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. 

There are 4 things that contribute to make Andy Brown the Best Real Estate Licensing Instructor in all of Florida: 

1. He is extremely knowledgeable with regards to what is in the Florida Real Estate License textbooks, manuals, and syllabus – at every level. 

2. He draws upon almost 25 years’ worth of experiences, people, friends, and stories that bring the textbook information to life, 

3. He has a laser-like focus on his students passing the state of Florida Real Estate Exam. He calls it “a one-time use skill set” and, 

4. His entertaining and engaging storytelling style that will keep you smiling and laughing and helps to increase your retention without you even knowing it. 

Andy has also instituted a number of proprietary tips and tricks that help you pass the state exam. He won't tell you here. He does not want his competitors having this information. You will have to come to a class.

He is not allowed to guarantee that you will pass the exam, and while he does not have actual statistics however based on what he hears from his students, it is his opinion and belief that his students from The Climer School of Real Estate pass the state of Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam at Pearson Vue at an extraordinarily higher rate than do students from all of the other inferior schools. 

All you have to do is check out the over 800 Five Star Google Reviews, over 200 Five Star Facebook Reviews, and the multiple Five Star Yelp Reviews. 

35 years of specialized training; many outstanding mentors and role models, and unparalleled experience have combined in Andy Brown to enable him to offer you the absolute very best in Real Estate License Instruction in Florida. 

Truly, if you want to give yourself the best chance that you can of passing your Florida Sales Associate Real Estate License state exam or your Florida Brokers Real Estate License state exam on your first try, then you must attend The Climer School of Real Estate and ask for Andy Brown!

The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate School in Florida

The Climer School Of Real Estate is where friends send their friends. We are the Best Real Estate School in all of Florida. If you want to have the best chance of passing your Florida Real Estate Exam on your first try, then you need to attend classes at The Climer School. Call us at 407-822-3926, or stop by our website at www.ClimerRealEstateSchool.com . Ask for Andy Brown, Head Instructor and Director of Education & Training


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