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The January 2016 DBPR Real Estate License Numbers and Exam Performance with The Climer School of Real Estate

DBPR Real Estate License Numbers and Exam Performance with The Climer School of Real Estate January 2016

The DBPR has released the January 2016 Exam Performance Summary and its other numbers for the Florida Real Estate Industry

Here’s a spoiler alert: the Exam Performance Numbers for January 2016 are no different than before. 

Andy and Pam in front of The Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Tallahassee

In January 2015; 2,102 people took the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam for the very first time. 1,083 passed and 1,019 failed. This represents a 52% Passing rate and a 48% Failing rate. Nothing new. 

2,404 people took this exam for a second or for a repeated time. 795 passed and 1,609 failed. This is a 33% Passing rate and a 67% Failing rate. Again, nothing new. 

166 people took the Real Estate Broker’s Exam for the first time 96 passed and 70 failed. This is a 58% Passing rate and a 42% Failing rate. 167 people took the Broker’s Exam for a second or a repeated time and 69 passed and 98 failed. This is a 41% Passing rate and a 59% Failing rate. 

The Florida Real Estate Laws and Rules applicants under Mutual Recognition did not do much better. 43 people took this exam for the first time. 22 passed and 21 failed, or 51% passed and 49% failed. 33 people took this exam for a second or a repeated time. 17 passed and 16 failed or 52% passing and 48% failing. 

The Instructor hopefuls did even worse, again. 7 people took their Instructor’s exam for the first time. Only 2 passed and 5 failed for a 29% pass rate and a 71% fail rate. Another 3 people tried this exam for a second or a repeated time. Only 1 of them passed and 2 of them failed for a 33% pass rate and a 67% fail rate. 

It is very interesting to me that the numbers stay so much the same. Doesn’t it make sense that if the Florida Real Estate Commission and the Bureau of Education and Testing wanted the passing numbers to be higher, then they would be higher. 

This is why so many people go to The Climer School of Real Estate when they want to give themselves the best chance possible of passing their exam on their first try. There are a lot of reasons why The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate School in Florida. 

By the way, as of March 19, 2016; Pearson Vue will begin charging you $36.75 for each of your Sales Associates and Broker examinations. 

This must be a great time to get into real estate. As of January 2016, there was a grand total of 359,487 Real Estate Licenses of some sort or the other. There were 162,626 Active Sales Associate licenses, 19,332 Active Broker Associates, and 39,302 Active Brokers. 

74,708 Sales Associates are currently voluntarily inactive, 16,843 are involuntarily inactive, 114 are on suspension, 18 are on a probationary status, and 208 are in military status. 

5,493 Broker Associates are voluntary inactive and 1,452 are involuntary inactive. 

3,909 Brokers are voluntary inactive and 2,437 are involuntary inactive. 

There are 710 active real estate instructors, 197 are voluntary inactive, and 124 are involuntary inactive. There is actually one instructor on probation. 

There are 317 Active Real Estate schools, 1 is on suspension, and 118 are involuntary inactive.

In January 2016, 48 complaints were received. Of the current caseload, 21 complaints were found to be ‘Legally Sufficient’, 21 investigations were completed, and 20 ‘Cease & Desist’ orders were issued. 

The total number in January 2016 are 268 total complaints received and being reviewed, 479 total current investigations, 4 FREC investigations that are over 365 days old, and a total of 36 Investigators. 

The Escrow Account Auditing Investigating Sections reported 13 escrow account investigations in January 2016 and 11 escrow account audits. By the way, there were 555 total inspections and 301 audits in 2015. 

Since the number of licensees and Brokers has increased, I expect the number of complaints and investigations to go up correspondingly. 

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