Sunday, May 19, 2013

Florida Real Estate Broker, Your Most Lucrative Activity

     Florida real estate brokers and sales managers are busy.  They are in the office early and they work late.  They are busy.  What are they busy doing? 

     The most lucrative thing a broker can do is recruit a new real estate agent.  I don't think many real estate brokers will dispute that. 

     Just as the most lucrative thing a sales associate can do is get a new listing, the most lucrative thing a sales manager can do is hire a new Florida real estate agent.  Listing for a sales associates and recruiting for sales managers have the exact same problem.  Why don't sales associates like to list?  It is a mountain of rejection. Why don't sales managers and brokers like to hire new agents?  It is a ton of rejection. 

     A real estate sales associate can reduce their rejection by finding ways to get sellers to call in.  This will reduce rejection.  A real estate broker can find ways to reduce rejection by finding ways to get potential sales associates to call in.  Mr. Broker tells his associates to call FSBOs and expired listings.  They do not call because they do not want the rejection.  I tell brokers to call the new real estate license applicants on the DBPR list that comes out every Friday.  They don't call because they don't want the rejection.  If you don't have that list, call Climer School of Real Estate at 407 822 3926. We will show you how to get it .  It is free.  I understand why sales managers don't call the list.

      What I can not understand is why don't real estate brokers bring brochures to Climer School of Real Estate and leave them on the recruiting table at the back of our classroom.  We graduate about a hundred students per month.  Half of those students are looking for a place to start their new real estate career. If you wonder what they look like, their picture is on Climer School's Facebook page.  Does your company have a recruiting brochure at the back of our classroom?  It is free advertising.  It will make your recruiting phone ring.  Why doesn't every real estate broker in town have a town have a brochure on our recruiting table?  Why doesn't every real estate broker in town have a link from my website to their website?  It is a mystery to me. All the broker has to do is send the brochures over.  To have a link from our website, call Kathy.  We would love to do it.  It is free advertising. 

     When students ask me,"Where should I start my real estate career?", I tell them to check the links on my website and pick up a brochure from the back table. 

     If you would like me to recommend your real estate company to my students, drop off some brochures and call Kathy and ask her to put a link to your website.  It is free.  It is rejection free.  It works like magic. 

     A real estate sales associate can't find a better prospect than a expired listing.  Ninety five per cent of real estate sales associates don't call expired listings. A real estate sales manager can not find a better recruiting prospect than the real estate license applicants that just graduated from real estate school.  Ninety five per cent of the sales managers in central Florida do not contact them. Why not?  They are either going to work for you or compete with you.  Get in touch with these wonderful people.  I graduate plenty of people that go out and earn big bucks their first year in real estate.  They are hoping you will call.  Kathy will  show you how to get the list but you have to call her.

      If we can help you recruit, call us at 407 822 3926 or



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