Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Florida Real Estate Exam Review, An Added Benefit

     All teachers and instructors have a "style" of teaching.  After thirty years of teaching, I have certainly developed one.  I have a high tolerance for people "blurting out" things in class. 

     I average about forty students in my Florida real estate exam review classes. You can see our picture on our Facebook page.  Half of these students are people that took my sixty hour FREC 1 class.  Half of them are people that took their  FREC 1 real estate class at another real estate school or took their real estate course online.  "My" students already know me and are familiar with my style of teaching. 

     About half the people in the room have already taken the Florida real estate exam at least once. In the class that I finished yesterday, I had several students that had, not only, taken the Florida real estate exam but they had also paid thirty five dollars to Pearson Vue to review their test.  When you go to review your test, Pearson Vue allows you to look at your Florida real estate exam for ninety minutes.  You can only see the questions that you missed.  They give you the correct answers.  You can not take notes.  You can leave a pencil and paper on the seat of your car that will be ready as soon as you leave.  All of my students that have already taken the Florida real estate exam and the ones that reviewed their tests were a wealth of information about the test.  As I teach, they would blurt out,"That is on the test".  Some of the students would raise their hand and elaborate on the details of the questions.  This is valuable information.  I am certain this conversation continued without me during the breaks and lunch.  This alone is worth the sixty dollar tuition to my two day Florida real estate exam course. 

     Most of my review students that took their Florida real estate course online from a foreign real estate school had no idea that the Florida real estate exam had a pass rate of twenty seven per cent last month.  No one told them.  In my basic FREC 1 real estate course, I tell the students that the Florida real estate exam is tough.  I encourage them constantly to attend my two day review.  About half of my students attend the review and about half go pass the Florida real estate exam without the review.  We teach what is on the Florida real estate exam in our basic FREC 1 class.  We do not teach anything new in the review class. 

     It costs $31.50 to take the Florida real estate exam from Pearson Vue every time you take it.  Come join us at our next Florida real estate exam review.  The rapport with your fellow students is half the value.   

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