Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From The Horse's Mouth at The Department of Business and Professional Regulation

     Last year, for the first time in my teaching career, we ( real estate instructors ) received a memo from the DBPR. telling us a few things that we real estate instructors better be "concentrating" on in our real estate classes.

     This memo from Susan turned out to be a list of questions that were frequently on the Florida real estate exam.  A new 'memo' came today, February 2014.  Here is what it says:

     Helpful Hints for Instructors and Examinees

     Number one,  Familiarize candidates and students with the Sales Comparison Approach.

     Example or practice questions would be helpful in their studies, but please make them aware that all adjustments must be made to the comparable property, not to the subject property.

     If you have been in my real estate class, you know this is exactly how I teach this.  In the 36th edition of Linda Crawford's textbook on page 342, there is a box between line 34 and 35 in Chapter 15.  It looks like this.
                                 C omp     C omp
                                 B etter      I nferior
                                 S ubtract   A dd
I tell the students to look at that box and write this down under that box.  I tell the students to write this down EXACTLY the way I say it. I tell them to write:  Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never  adjust the subject.  Do not adjust the subject. Don't adjust the subject.  Always adjust the Comp.

                                  POP QUIZ
If the subject property has a pool.  Comparable does not.  A pool is worth $10,000. Do we?
A add $10,000 to the subject
B subtract $10,000 from the subject
C add $10,000 to the comp.
D subtract $10,000 from the comp.

A and B can not possibly be correct because we never adjust the subject.  Using our memory peg, CBS CIA, we add $10,000 to the comparable because the comparable is inferior. I may be mistaken but I don't think my students are missing that question.

     Number two  Have students review 61-J2 - 10030 F.A.C.   If you sell a bad rental list to a customer, they are entitled to a 100% refund if they demand it within 30 days.

     Number three   This is a quote " A section is one square mile."  A township is six miles square.

     That is it for Susan's memo.

     If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam, know these three things.  If Climer School of Real Estate can help you pass the Florida real estate exam, contact us at In January 2014, fifty four per cent of the people that took the Florida real estate exam paid $31.50 to come back and try again.  The repeaters did even worse.  Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  

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  1. I have to give credit where it is due, Ron Climer is a teacher, an instructor, a counselor and if you want to pass this exam then he will give you the tools to do so.

    Ill be scheduling my 45 hour post license course with Ron as well as any other course material possible. He just has a way of teaching that keeps my focus and he can tell a joke or two to keep me laughing while im learning.

    Thank you, Ron. You truly are a great teacher. See you soon...S. Wise. Humbly Serving Central Florida and Beyond.