Sunday, July 6, 2014

Preparation, The Cure For The Rejection Problem

     I posted an article on Active Rain recently encouraging rookie Realtors to hold an open house as a method of finding prospects.  I received a comment from a new agent expressing her reluctance to follow up with the hot prospects that she met at her open house due to her fear of rejection.

     Something that rookie Realtors need to know is that most sales trainers have forgotten how bad rejection feels.  Rejection is painful.  You can minimize rejection with preparation.
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     Plan the  questions that you plan to ask prospects when you call.  Don't shoot from the hip.  Ask questions that can not be answered with a no.  "If I found the home of your dreams available for sale at a price you could afford, would you want me to contact you or just keep it a secret?"  "How would you want me to contact you?"

     "What features would you want in that dream home?"
     "What school district would you want it to be in?"
     "How far are you willing to travel to work?"
     "Where do you work?"
      "How long have you been looking for a new home?"
      "Have you seen a house that you wish you had bought?"
      "Why did you not buy it when you saw it?"
      "What are you doing about selling your old home?"
      "What is your favorite way to look at real estate?"
      "What do you enjoy most about the house looking process?"
      "Is the neighborhood important to you?"
       "What is your favorite neighborhood?"
      "What do like most about XYZ Estates?"
       "Do you plan to pay cash or do you need to arrange financing ?"
       " If I knew the best mortgage guy in town would you want me to put you in touch with him or would you rather just hope you find a good one on your own?"
      "How many bedrooms do you need?"
      "Do you like a big yard or a little yard?"

     Write out twenty or thirty questions similar to these.  Have them in front of you when you call a prospect.  Don't try to think up questions when you are under pressure.  Sit down calmly in the training room with your peers and write up a list of questions that anyone could ask almost any prospect.  It won't be long until you don't need the list.  You will have these questions written on your brain.  Until then, write and use a list.  Call a prospect today.  If we can help, contact Andy Brown at

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