Friday, July 18, 2014

Winter Park Toastmasters, A Cool Place To Learn

     Andy Brown invited me to join him on Friday morning at 7:30 AM for a meeting of Toastmasters.  This is a club that teaches people to speak better in public.  I was a member of Winter Park Toastmasters for twenty four years.

     Joining Toastmasters two weeks after I got my Florida real estate license in 1974 was probably the best career decision I ever made.  I learned to speak in public.  I learned how to communicate better than 95% of the people in town.

     Why would anyone want to learn to speak in public?  What if the Apostle Paul had been a poor speaker?  What if Abraham Lincoln had been a dull speaker?  Public speaking skills are the most marketable skills that anyone can possess.  Being able to speak to a group with confidence and poise will propel your career upwards faster than any other skill.

     All other things being equal, would you promote the employee with poor speaking skills or extraordinary speaking skills?  Would you think,"Oh,who cares if my new branch manager is an excellent public speaker or not."?  There is no better place to learn this skill than Toastmasters.

     If your kids are growing up, I am sure you will understand this.  All three of my kids are excellent speakers.    They learn what they see you doing.  If they see you communicating when they are little, they will learn to communicate .  These are skills worth passing on.

     Check out Toastmasters.  Check out Andy Brown at the Climer School of Real Estate. It is fun.  It is almost free.  You will learn a skill that will change your life. BTW Guess what I do for a living                    
  Check out Toastmasters.  It will change your life.

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