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Climer School of Real Estate's 2 Unique Real Estate Classes

The Best Central Florida Real Estate License School

The Climer School of Real Estate Has Two Unique Real Estate Classes

Another Happy Climer School of Real Estate 63 Hour Sales Associate Class

The Climer School of Real Estate, easily the Consumer Rated Number One and Central Florida’s and Orlando’s Best Real Estate School, has two unique and important classes for Real Estate License students who are preparing to take the State of Florida Sales Associate Real Estate License Exam, and new Real Estate Licensees.

The first class is The Climer School of Real Estate’s 2 Day Sales Associate Exam Review Class. This is easily our most popular class after the 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre License Class.

We offer an accelerated 2 Day Review class in preparation for your State of Florida Exam. It is interesting to note that anywhere between one third and one half of this class are students from other schools. The common thread is how unprepared they all feel based on their experience at the other schools. They are very vocal and not happy. They name the other schools, more than once. They seem to want everyone to know how bad they thought the other school was.

They like talking about how helpful the Climer School of Real Estate’s tutorials on our ClimerSchool YouTube channel were and how everyone that they talk to raves about how wonderful and fantastic The Climer School of Real Estate is, and that they wish they would have gone to The Climer School first instead of the other one they went to.

 The 2 Day Exam Review Class in preparation for the State of Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam is no frills, and fast. We use the Sales Exam Review Book written by Dr. Linda Crawford and we review all 20 chapters from the main book in only 2 days.

 If you, or someone you know, are preparing to take the Florida Sales Associate Real Estate Exam, we highly recommend that you take our 2 Day Review Class.

The Climer School has put together another fantastic class for new real estate licensees or those of you who are about to become new real estate licensees. It has always bothered me that all of the mandatory state of Florida required classes for any type of licensing, especially licenses in the Real Estate industry, only teach you about the information that may or may not be on the state’s test for that license.

The mandatory and required class, and the state exam, have absolutely nothing to do with real life, or life as a true professional in the field in which you are trying to get your license. While The Climer School of Real Estate prepares you for your Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License Exam better than any other Real Estate Sales Associate License School in Orlando or anywhere else in Florida, I am bugged by the lack of information and preparation to help you after you get your real estate license. So…I put together a class, for you.

My ‘Introduction to Life as a Professional Real Estate Agent’, ( or ‘What Do I Do Now?’ ) class gives you the information that you need to make the right decision regarding picking your new broker, what the right questions are, how to ask them, and what your life will really be like as a working, professional real estate agent.

 One of my jokes is that so many people say, “Hey! I’m going to get my real estate license and make a million dollars.” That may happen one day but it is not quite that easy. Also, ‘commission split’ and “I know someone there,” are not necessarily the best factors to pick your new real estate broker and new real estate office and make a potentially life changing career decision. You may be one of the lucky ones and make a great decision that way, but for most people, more knowledge, information and answers are required.

The wrong real estate broker and real estate office can waste up to 6 months of your new real estate career. This could equate to a loss of $20,000 or $50,000 or may even more. We also bring in another real estate agent to tell you about what life is really like as a working professional real estate agent. We bring in a mortgage loan officer, a title company representative, and a home inspector. They do not come in and sell you on themselves and their company. They talk about how they and their peers, as new relationships, are going to fit into your new world and life as a working, professional real estate agent.

I held my first ever What Do I Do Now? Class and got rave reviews. It is the only class of its kind anywhere. We have one scheduled at the end of October however it is so popular, we have scheduled another one for the middle of October by special request and popular demand. Check out our new website, and sign up and attend our 2 Day Sales Associate Exam Review class and our ‘What Do I Do Now?’ class. These will be two of the best decisions you will make!

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