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The Best Real Estate Central Florida Real Estate School
The Best Real Estate School in Central Florida and Orlando
Discusses Ways To Use Your Real Estate License

The Climer School of Real Estate Talks About Different Ways To Use Your Real Estate License.

The normal and expected use of your Florida Real Estate Sales License is in the field of General Residential Sales. However, there is also Property Management, Time Share Sales, Commercial Sales, Commercial Leasing, Business Opportunity Brokerage, and Specialty Sales. There are men and women making great money using their intellect and creativity, making lots of money, in these other fields of Real Estate. I’m going to talk a little bit about some of these other areas now, and some in the next blog, in an effort to get you to think about other possibilities with your license.

Property Management

The field of Residential Property Management has begun to explode in the last few years because of the amount of foreclosures and home property loss. Everyone needs a place to live. Add to that the amount of houses that enterprising men and women who held on to their money, as well as some hedge funds, have purchased that require professional management. As a property manager, you can usually get the listing and sale when your owner finally decides to sell. Also, Property Management becomes a regular paycheck. If you can manage 20 properties with and average rent of $1,000 per month, and you can charge 10%; that is a cool $2,000 per month just on the rentals. 50 properties would work out to $5,000 per month. Many properties these days are getting $2,000, $3,000 a month and more. You do the math.

Time Share Sales

I know many Time Share Salespeople who are making $250,000, $300,000, $450,000 and more. They seem to have figured out the secret. I have asked some of them, “What is the secret? How do you do it?” They all tell me the same thing. You have to be able to truly connect with someone in 15 minutes. They also enjoy a very light schedule relative to some of the other fields of Real Estate Sales. If you think you might have the ‘Time Share’ knack, this would be a great area for you to check out.

Commercial Sales

The field of Commercial Real Estate Sales can be very alluring. The thought of working with, and selling gigantic, shiny, sexy office buildings for millions of dollars, and making huge commissions is enough to glaze anyone’s mind over. However this area requires a lot of really specialized knowledge and experience. It is much more competitive than you may realize. For the most part, you have to pay your dues in this area. You would probably need to hire on with an agency and work your deals with them and learn this part of the business the old fashioned way. But, if you can hang in there and learn, you can eventually make buckets of money.

Reasons Why The Climer School Of Real Estate Is The Consumer Rated Number One Best Real Estate School In Central Florida and Orlando

The Climer School of Real Estate has the Number One – BEST Reputation of any Real Estate School in all of Central Florida and Orlando if not the entire state of Florida. It is a reputation that we worked hard to earn and we work even harder to maintain. Nothing is more important at The Climer School than doing everything we can to help our students pass their State of Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam. We teach and reinforce everything that you need to pass that test. We have State of Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam Review Classes, we have videos on Youtube, we have practice exams, and we have Climer School legends for ‘Luck’ and ‘Success’ that our students tell us work. We also do everything we can to make your 60 Hours in the classroom fun and enjoyable. When the student is smiling and enjoying themselves, the learning is more meaningful and more memorable. We regularly have students from other schools attending our review class, complaining that they did not get very good instruction, telling us that they wished they would have attended The Climer School, and then emailing us to let us know that they PASSED their State Sales Associate Exam on their first try after The Climer School’s Review Class! Nothing makes us happier. The entire faculty and staff at The Climer School of Real Estate is going to continue to bring you the very best Real Estate Education that is humanly possible.
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There’s a reason why we are the Consumer Rated Number One Real Estate Licensing School!

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