Thursday, October 30, 2014

Answer Key to the Climer School of Real Estate's New Online "Free Practice Exam 1"

Updated Climer School of Real Estate’s Online Free Practice Exam 1 Answer Key Including New Math Questions

Look for Andy Brown's brand new YouTube Math Videos on our 10 new Math Problems on the ClimerSchool Channel

Here are your answers to The Climer School of Real Estate's Free Practice Exam 1 with a few updated questions and All New Math Questions! Try not to look at these answers until you have taken the test at 

If you score at least an 85, you are ready! If you score less than an 85, you need to be studying a lot more! The pass rate on the Florida state exam averages 50% for a reason. The State of Florida wants it that way. 

We at The Climer School want you to pass on your very first time. Here is how we can help if you need help:

We have our math videos on You Tube, Our YouTube channel is ClimerSchool. They are 100% FREE. 

We have our Florida state exam review cram course on audio CD. 

We also have a live 2-Day state of Florida Exam “2-Day” Review at our school located at 5104 N. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. 

Please go take the test if you have not already. Take it like a real test and come back here to grade yourself. The Climer School of Real Estate's phone number is 407-822-3926. 

Here are your answers

1-D 2-A 3-B 4-C 5-B 6-A 7-C 8-D 9-B 10-A 

11-A 12-A 13-D 14-B 15-D 16-A 17-A 18-D 19-B 20-B 

21-B 22-B 23-A 24-A 25-C 26-B 27-B 28-D 29-A 30-B 

31-C 32-D 33-B 34-C 35-A 36-B 37-B 38-D 39-A 40-C 

41-B 42-B 43-C 44-B 45-A 46-D 47-C 48-B 49-B 50-A 

51-C 52-B 53-C 54-B 55-D 56-A 57-C 58-B 59-C 60-D 

61-A 62-B 63-D 64-B 65-D 66-B 67-C 68-B 69-C 70-B 

71-B 72-D 73-B 74-C 75-D 76-A 77-B 78-B 79-A 80-D 

81-A 82-B 83-B 84-D 85-D 86-B 87-B 88-D 89-C 90-C 

91-C 92-A 93-D 94-D 95-A 96-A 97-C 98-D 99-D 100-D 101-A

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  2. I believe the answer key for question 31 is incorrect.

    Real Estate Tax Prorations are typically entered as:
    a. Credit to Seller, Debit to Buyer
    b. Debit to Buyer only
    c. Credit to Buyer, Debit to Seller
    d. Credit to Buyer, Credit to Seller

    Why is it not C? Unless specified, doesn't day of closing usually go to Buyer??


  3. I agree but not for the same reason.

    Taxes are paid in the arrears and the tax bill is not available until November 1st.

    So from January 1st through October 31st (10 months) it would be a debit to the seller and a credit to the buyer.

    Then from November 1st through December 31st (2 months), it could potentially be a credit to the seller and a debit to the buyer, if the seller has already paid the bill.

    It seams like the majority of the time, so typically, it will be C, a Credit to the buyer and a debit to the seller.

  4. I am also confused as to why the answer to 17 is not A. Why is it illegal for a licensee to prepare a listing agreement? I thought that was one of our main purposes?! What's up, Andy?

  5. 17 is A. Opinion of title is illegal, the four types of contracts a licensee is allowed to prepare are listing agreements, option contracts, sale and purchase contract and buyer brokerage agreement

    1. I saw the same mistake and gave up on this test. No to mention, questions 30 & 31 are not for Real Estate tests...

    2. Agree. I am giving up on this test after this mistake. I don't see how practicing a test with erroneous answers could be helpful.

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