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The June 2017 Pearson Vue Florida Real Estate Exam Pass Fail Rates

The Florida Real Estate State Exam June 2017 Pass Fail Examination Performance Summary from Pearson Vue

Thoughts from Andy Brown at The Climer School of Real Estate, the Best Real Estate School in central Florida

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I was reading the June 2017 ‘Men’s Health’ magazine, and came across their section called ‘Useful Stuff’. It had a full-page article called ‘Realty Check’. At first, I thought it read ‘Reality Check’. It did not. It said Realty Check.

I was very interested in reading their tips. I could not believe the very first one. “Many agents are clueless. You have to take a course to get a license. I want to night classes, but I know people who took online courses they bought on Groupon.” You can check it for yourself. Page 42.

 I could not agree more. I am fed up with the many discount, supercheapo, online classes that people are buying taking or that they buy on Groupon because they do not teach the students what they need to know to pass the state exam. They are just interested in taking their money.

 The June 2017 Florida real estate state exam Pass fail examination performance summary has been released from Pearson Vue and the Bureau of Education and Testing (BET). And the results are essentially the same as they always are. I’m very thankful to the author of the article and to ‘Men’s Health’ magazine for highlighting one of the reasons for such poor performance on the state exam.

 In June 2017, 3082 people took the Florida real estate sales associate exam for the first time. 1610 people passed and 1472 people failed. This is a passing rate of 52% and a failing rate of 48%. Same as usual. Terrible.

 2756 people took the same exam for a second or for a repeated time. 916 people passed while 1840 failed. This is a passing rate of 33% and a failing rate of 67%. Atrocious.

248 people took the Florida real estate broker state exam for the very first time. 153 people passed and 95 people failed. This is a passing rate of 62% and a failing rate of 38%. Bad

 153 people took their broker exam for a second or repeated time. 55 of them passed and 98 of them failed. This is a passing rate of only 36% and a failing rate of 64%. This is horrible.

I just believe they are going to terrible school and they should be going to the Climer School of Real Estate. I have said this many times and I have written this many times: I do not think that this is an accident. I believe there are a lot of reasons why the Pass Fail rates are almost always exactly the same regardless of how many people take exam. If people knew how we do things the Climer School of Real Estate and how we are so different from the other schools, and our success rate, and our happy students, I believe it could most of the schools out of business.

 I have some other numbers for you if you’re reading this blog and are interested. By the end of June 2017, Florida had a total of 180,073 licensed active sales associates. Florida had a total of 20,000 licensed active broker associates. And Florida had a total of 40,141 licensed active brokers.

This is a total of 240, 214 total active licensees. This is an increase in total active licensees of 1939 from May 2017. These were only active licensees.

Florida also had 75,018 current in active sales associates, 17,563 involuntarily in active sales associates, 90 sales associates on suspension and 37 on probation. This increases the number by a little bit, doesn’t it.

 Florida had 5299 current in active broker associates, 1577 involuntarily in active broker associates, 2 on suspension and 5 on probation.

 Florida also has 3455 current in active brokers, 2545 involuntarily in active brokers, and another 12 on suspension and 30 on probation.

 This is a lot of licensees. This means a lot of competition. You owe it to yourself to start off right and go to a good school.

 When you have a lot of licensees in the state of Florida and intersect real estate will there’s a lot of people doing a lot of wrong things and a lot of bad things. So, I thought you might like to know the numbers for the FREC investigation trends.

 In June 2017, The Division of Real Estate (DRE) received 296 complaints. A total of 540 active cases are under active investigation. 10 of these cases have been under investigation for over a year. And unfortunately, the division of real estate only has 34 total investigators. This is why not only do cases take so long but why so many people get away with doing the wrong thing.

 If you see someone real estate acting illegally on unethically, you should turn them in. They hurt the customers, they hurt our industry, and they hurt you.

 The other half of the DRE investigators have to do with brokers escrow accounts. There were only 19 inspections in June 2017 and only eight audits. So far from January to June, there’s only been 131 brokers escrow account investigations and only total of 49 audits.

 There is a total of 26,033 real estate brokerage corporations and 63 active real estate brokerage partnerships. I would imagine that with over 26,000 brokerages, there are more than 19 escrow accounts that require a good investigation and audit.

One more little bit of information you might enjoy. There is plenty of unlicensed activity going on as well. In June 2017, the division of real estate we see 62 complaints on unlicensed activity. There were 89 complaints in May 2017.

 I would say that it takes a few months for step one in the investigation process to be completed. This is the step where they decide whether the complaint is legally sufficient.

In May 2017, they determined that 37 of the ongoing cases were legally sufficient however in June 2017 only 14 of them were legally sufficient.

 Most people believe that there are hundreds and hundreds of instances of unlicensed activity going on in every major city and Metropolitan statistical area. So, this is a drop in the bucket. Once again, we need to police ourselves and clean up our own. If you see something turn them in.

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