Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Top Three Reasons Why People Fail their Florida Real Estate Exam Part 1

The Top Three Reasons Why People Fail their Florida Real Estate Exam Part 1

Why is the Pass Fail rate for first-time Florida real estate state exam test takers is 50% / 50% and the pass fail rate for second and repefor the past many number of years, even though about 2,700 people took the Florida real estate exam for the first time every single month and about 2,800 people take the Florida real estate exam for a second or for a repeated time every single month, month after month, the pass fail rate is the same: atrocious.

More than Half of all Test Takers Fail the Exam

I have learned that for the most part people fail the Florida real estate exam for at least one of three reasons, and those 3 reasons are:

1. They are too stressed out and anxiety ridden, and they do not get a good night sleep the night before their exam.

2. They are not natural or good test takers and are plagued with test anxiety, and they “overthink” the questions.

3. They did not attend a good real estate license school to help them prepare to pass the state exam.

Get a good night’s sleep. Work at focusing on the positive and on the positive outcome that you want.
Find a school that teaches you how to beat the state exam, not a school that just teaches you the book.

Follow my 4 part Blog Series on ‘Why People Fail the Florida Real Estate License Exam”.

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I even asked them one time if they would start doing that again and they told me "No". They told me, on the record, that it would unfairly damage the other schools' business.

Why is this true? For many reason. Experience the Climer School difference for yourself.

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