Saturday, November 26, 2011

Expired Listings, Cash Flow Generator

    Yesterday, we talked about forsalebyowners.  They are not the best prospects.  They are just the easiest to find.  They advertise for you.

    Expired listings are super hot prospects.  They expired in the MLS today.  They will probably list with with you or your competitor today.  That is a hot prospect by any definition.

    There is one little piece of bad news. Your competitor is calling them also.  That is no problem.  Call them first.  Get them listed before your competitor gets out of bed.  Expired listings are easy.

    If you are new, leave me a comment and tell me one reason why you would not want to call today's expireds.

    Is it a waste of time?
    Is it unprofessional?
    Is it not lucrative?
    Is it scary?
    Do you not need the money?
    Do  you doubt that they will list today?
    This is for people that need money.  Here is what I will suggest for new people.

    Run today's expired off the computer.  Do this every morning for ten days.  Don't call them.  Just see if you can find a phone number for them.  There is nothing scary about that.

    New people, if you need money, here is your instructions. Run the expireds
.  Find the empty houses.  Find the owners and list them.  You will have no competition.

   What if you are only successful with one per week?  Are you taking one listing per week now?  What are you doing with your time?  What time do you start to work?  How many prospects have you talked to today?

    Call some expireds.  Go see them.  Find the ones that have moved.  Expired listings will either list with you or your competitor.

    If you think this will work but you are not sure how to start and what to say, come to my 45 hour post license class that is required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation before you renew your Florida real estate license for the first time.  You have to take this class somewhere.

    We have a class starting soon.  Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or .


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