Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Florida Real Estate Exam, You Can Review It At Home

    At Climer School of Real Estate, we listen to what our students tell us.  Today, I almost fell out over. 
    I was teaching a Florida real estate exam review class.  This is what many people call a cram course.  It is a two day class that students take just before their state exam.  It is just me going over what is on the Florida state exam. 
    One of my students, Felicia, told me that she took the state exam last week.  The clerk at the Pearson-Vue test center gave her the bad news.  She failed. 
    The good news is they told her that, when she got home, she could go to Pearson-Vue's website and review her exam online FOR FREE from home.
    Are you kidding me?  I almost fell over.  Felicia told me that she went home, brought up Pearson-Vue's website and looked at the questions she missed on the Florida real estate exam just a few hours ago.
    This is Fabulous!  If you fail your Florida real estate exam ( 50% do ), review your exam from the comfort of your own home.  Take notes.  This is worth it's weight in gold and it is free.  If you fail the state exam, do not miss this golden opportunity.  Thank you Pearson-Vue.
    If  you need help passing the Florida real estate exam, we can help you pass.  Check out our free real estate math videos on You Tube.  Our user name is climerschool.  Also we have a 100 question free practice test on our website at


  1. This is me correcting my own post. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not true. I still have to do a little research but no one else has been able to do this.

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