Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Very Simple Way To Find More Business

     Give a business card to everyone you meet.  Is that simple?  Is that too simple?  You meet people.  Give them a business card.  Everyone knows someone that needs to buy or sell real estate.

     You never know who is going to toss your card or who is going to keep it forever.  I always leave a Climer School of Real Estate business card with my tip at a restaurant.  A short while ago, I left my card at a restaurant.  The waitress followed us outside when we left.  She told us that her house was being foreclosed upon.  She needed help.  I referred her to a local Realtor. 

     Give  your business card to everyone you meet.  There is no downside except that business cards cost money.  They are not so expensive that you should ration them. 

     If you find yourself at some sort of committee meeting, get there early and pass out your business cards to every seat.  If that seems tacky to you, get over.  If it did not create business, I would not tell you to do it.   

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