Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Florida Real Estate Brokers, Get Ready For The Boom

     Prepare for the coming real estate boom.  If the boom is coming in 2013, you need to be ready.  If you are a Florida real estate broker, ready means you have a full staff, trained and ready to list and sell. 

     How can you find these additionial Florida real estate licensed associates?  Start by bringing or mailing some recruiting brochures to Climer School of Real Estate.  You can look at our facebook page and see all the students that came through the real estate school lately.  About half of those students are looking for a home to start their real estate career.  They want to find you,Mr. Broker.  Make it easy for them to find you.  Link to our website.  Put recruiting brochures in the back of our classroom. 

     What else can a Florida real estate broker do to recruit new Florida real estate associates?  Every Friday the DBPR sends out a list of every Florida real estate applicant that has applied for a Florida real estate license.  These people will have a Florida real estate license in about two weeks.  You can get this free list of  HOT recruiting prospects.  Call them and offer them an opportunity to join your company.  You could offer to reimburse  them for their real estate school tuition from their first commission.  That would impress them.  If you don not know how to get the DBPR list of new real estate license applicants, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  She will show you how to get the list every Friday. 

     Put brochures at Climer School of Real Estate.  We have a table at the back of the room just for that.  Call the applicants on the DBPR list.  What else can you do?  Advertise that you are looking for new sales associates.  If your office is in a high traffic location, put a sigh out by the highway in the parking lot to attract new real estate agents. 

     Print a message on the back of your business card that says,"Have you considered a career in real estate?".  This costs nothing.  If you have a blog, like this blog, write an article about what a wonderful career selling real estate is.  Tell people in the article that you will reimburse their tuition to real estate school.  Tell them that is they are recently discharged from the military, there is no fee to get a Florida real estate license. Here is a link to the details about that. 

     What about a good old fashioned career night?  They still work as good as ever.  How many people would have to show up for it to be a hit.  Send me a flyer. I will put it on the back wall.  How many people would have to show up for it to be a hit? 

     Pretty soon, the recession will be over and the boom will be here.  You do not want a small listing inventory and you do not want a bunch of empty desks.  Start today.  If you are a real estate sales associate, start building a listing inventory.  If you are a Florida real estate broker, start recruiting new Florida real estate associates. 


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