Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Listening Pays In So Many Ways

      When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  This is an old Zen saying.  That is what happen to me when one of my students handed me a copy of Dr. Rick Bommelje's book, "Listening Pays" with a subtitle,"Achieve Significance Through The Power of Listening"

     This book is written as a story in the style  of Og Mandino.  Stu, the main character is in dire need of listening skills.  He,of course, doesn't know this.  He thinks everyone around him is the problem.  You may know a character like Stu.

      In Brommelje's story Stu meets the teacher since he is now ready.  If you are ready, you probably need to meet the teacher in this wonderful book.  Reading "Listening Pays" will make you a better salesperson.  It will make you a better parent.  Reading this book will make you a better spouse.  It won't change the people around you unless you read the last chapter. 

     Get this book.  It is available as an ebook.  "Listening Pays" by Rick Brommelje is a book you want to own.  You can contact Dr. Brommlje at  

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