Monday, April 1, 2013

Attention Realtors, April First Is Here

     What does April first mean to Realtors.  It means that many real estate licenses expired yesterday.  It means that many Realtors do not have a valid Florida real estate license today. 

     Sales managers, ask your sales associates to look at their Florida real  estate license.  The expiration date is on the license.  Twenty five per cent of all Florida real estate license have an expiration date of March 31st.  If you have not read my article,"The $12,500 Idea", you need to read it.  You certainly do not want to be on the wrong end of that story. 

     Not paying attention to your Florida real estate license's expiration date can be an expensive mistake.  What if some seller refused to pay you a commission?   You would have to sue that seller.  The first thing the seller's attorney is going to ask is,"Do you have a valid Florida real estate license?"  It could be an expensive mistake to let your real estate license expire. Look at your license right now.  Your expiration date is on the license. 

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