Monday, April 8, 2013

Florida Real Estate Exam. Pearson Vue's New Rule

     Here is the new rule at Pearson Vue's test center for the Florida real estate exam.  When you show up to take the Florida real estate exam, you must have a copy of your certificate from the real estate school that you attended to take FREC 1.  That is the rule.  That seems like a simple rule.  Does that mean, if I am showing up for the second time, I have  to bring a copy of my certificate?  The information that I am getting from my students that have taken the test more than once is YES.

     I strongly suggest that before you show up for the second time, that you be certain you understand this rule.  You can contact the Pearson Vue test center at 888 238 8232.  You do not want to have the rule explained to you when you show up to take your Florida real estate exam.  If the clerks says you are not coming in, you are not coming in.  Good bye $31.50.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we only give you one copy of your certificate.  We urge you to make a copy of it.  We don't give you but one copy.  In the unlikely event that one of my students fails the Florida real estate exam, unless that student had made a copy of their certificate, they would not have a copy to present to the Pearson Vue clerk at the door of  the exam on their second visit.  Does it make sense to you that the clerk can not tell that you have been to the exam once already?   What can you do?  Here is my best advice.  Make a copy of your certificate from your real estate school and take it with you on your second visit to Pearson Vue.  That is my best advice.  Here is my second best advice.  Take your failure notice from your first visit with you.  If you don't have your certificate or your failure notice with you, how could the clerk know that you have taken the required course?  You could depend on the clerk to access the Pearson Vue records and ascertain that you are qualified.  The clerk could tell you that she is sorry that you did not understand the rules.  Thank you for the $31.50.  Call the test center number and reschedule.

      In conclusion;  Take a copy of your real estate school certificate with you every time you go to Pearson Vue.  It costs $31.50 every time you make an appointment.

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  1. At Climer School of Real Estate, we received a email on April 8th from Susan Barner at the DBPR advising us to inform our students to avoid any delays, present a copy of their certificate every time they show up at Pearson Vue to take the exam.

  2. Today one of my students called the DBPR after he was turned away from the test center. They told him, after you show your certificate to the clerk at Pearson Vue, take it back. You don't have to surrender it to Pearson Vue. you only have to show it to Pearson Vue.