Friday, April 26, 2013

If You Are Not Making Enough Money Selling Real Estate

     Let's get back to the basics.  You have to prospect.  Either prospects are calling you or you have to call them.  Is your phone ringing?  If it is not,start dialing or start figuring out a way to make your phone ring. 

     If spending money to make the phone ring comes to mind, belay that plan.  You don't spend money when you need money.  You spend money when you have excess money.  Right now you have excess time.  What are you doing with your time?

     You need prospects.  Call today's expired listings.  What are you doing with all of your time?  The sun comes up at seven.  Are you dressed?  Are you in the office?  Do you know how to run the expired off the computer?  What are you waiting for?  They are going to list with someone TODAY.  What if you called them at 8.01 AM before your competitor got out of bed?  I will bet Mr. Expired would list with you.  I am sure he would if you can make a dynomite listing presentation.  Can you? 

   If you can not make a super listing presentation, what do you need?  You need practice.  Go practice your mediocre listing presentation on one of today's expireds.  Call them.  Don't tell them that your presentation is going to be mediocre.  Call Mr. Expired and say something like,"Hi Mr. Expired. I see that your house has expired in the MLS.  I'd like to come show how XYZ Realty can get your house sold quickly.  Would noon be a good time or would four be better? 

     In Orlando, there is about twenty expireds every day.  Could this approach fail twenty times in one day?  I think not.  It helps if you said the above with a hint of enthusiasm in your voice.  If went out to practice your presentation.  You didn't expect Mr. Expired to list with you.  You just needed an audience to practice that mediocre listing presentation on.  If you did this once a day for a few months, that listing presentation just might improve. 

     When I was young, I sold cars at a Buick store.  When the sales manager walked by and asked me what I was doing, I always replied, "Looking for a laydown ,Boss".  In the sales industry, laydown is a jargon term for an easy customer, the ones that Bozo the clown could sell.  The laydowns in the real estate industry are in today's expired.  They are going to list with some Realtor today.  It might as well be you.  Pick up the phone and call an expired today.  If you are still not sure what to say,      watch this video.

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