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A Dozen Things Every New Realtor Should Do Before They Get Their First Commission Check

     If you have earned your Florida real estate license but have yet to get your first commission check, keep reading.  This article is for you.  The habits you start now could stay with you for the rest of your career.

     Start now sending out a thank you card every day.  There must be someone that has done something for you that is worth saying thank you for.  You could start with your old real estate instructor that taught you how to pass the Florida real estate exam.  You could send a thank you card to the Pearson Vue clerk that gave you the easy test.  You could send a thank you card to anyone that has done a good service for you lately.  If you sent out one thank you card every day with your business card in it,  I believe that some time soon one of the recipients of those thank you cards would call you up and send you some business.

     The second thing every new Realtor should do is send out 200 Ijustgotintorealestate letters to your closest friends.  here is a link to my video if this is not obvious to you.   This is such powerful medicine, I can hardly believe that anyone would not do this.  Only about ten per cent of new real estate agents do this.  This is like seeing a hundred dollar bill lying on the ground and not picking it up.  Send out a letter to 200 of your friends.  Tell them that you just got into real estate .  Ask them to send you a referral.   Some will.

     The third thing every new real estate agent needs to do is create a website for yourself.  Google yourself.  Do you come up?  Do you come up first?  If not, start working on solving that huge problem. If no one can find you, no one is going to buy any real estate from you.  You need your own website.  This is the twenty first century.  You are in business.  Create your own website and make it visible on the internet.  This may seem like a daunting task.  The sooner you start, the sooner it will start to work for you.  Create a website today.

     The fourth thing you need to do if you want to have a stellar career in real estate is start a blog.  If you have a website and you want to be found on the internet, a blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and create web presence.  You can write articles about anything related to real estate.  People will read these articles and they will call you.   Never before in the history of the world has it been easier to make yourself look like an expert.  Start writing articles (like this one).  As time goes by and you post more articles, you will start to look more and more like an expert.  If you don't know where to start, Google "blogging".

     There are only two ways to get business.  Make the phone ring or dial the phone.  Blogging is a great way to make the phone ring.  Be sure to put your phone number in every article. My phone number is 407 822 3926. 

     The fifth thing you can do to start your real estate career is to start putting some videos on You Tube.  You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Somewhere,someone is going to search for some information like" What is the average home price in my neighborhood?".  If you have posted a video,"Average Home Price in XYZ Estates", that person will find your article.  They will read it.  They will perceive you as an expert on XYZ Estates.  They will call you.  How many times would  that have to happen in a year to make this a worthwhile endeavor? Put some videos on You Tube.

     Post some videos on You Tube.  What could you post a video about?  How about; "What Is The Average Price Of a House In Orlando, Florida in 2014?" Could you talk about that for five minutes?  How about;  "Why Is My House Still For Sale After Six Months in M.L.S.?".  Could you talk about that for a few minutes.  Do you suppose anyone ever puts that question into a search engine?  You Tube will make your phone ring.  Make it ring or start dialing.

     If your phone is not ringing, you better start dialing it.  Who can you call?  The sixth thing that every rookie Realtor needs to do is to call at least one forsalebyowner every day.  There is no question that people that have their house for sale on their own without a Realtor are HOT prospects.  They need a Realtor.  They want to sell their home.  What they are doing is probably not going to work.  Why would a new Realtor that needs business NOT call these hot prospects?  Most Realtors don't call forsalebyowners because they are afraid to call.  They are afraid of a little rejection.  As a sales trainer with twenty five years experience, I say, " Get over it".  It is easy to say but it is not easy to "Get over it.".  The easy way to overcome the fear of calling forsalebyowners is to just do a little every day.  Call one forsalebyowner every day.  Don't sit down at the phone with twenty phone numbers.  Just call one.  If they don't answer, leave a message.  Just call one every day.  Do not overwhelm yourself.  Call one.  You will be amazed to find how pleasant most forsalebyowners are. You will also be amazed when you learn that you know more about real estate than they do.  Don't intimidate yourself.  Call one.

       After you call one forsalebyowner, you will have the urge to call another one.  Don't  get carried away.  The seventh thing all new real estate agents need to do is call today's expired listings.  Let's use the same rules.  Just call one.  If you are new in real estate, you may not know how to run the expireds off the M.L.S.  Go get someone to teach you how to do this.  There is probably a tutorial on the computer to teach you how to do this.  Do not go back several days.  We only want yesterday's.  Look at the list of expired listings.  In Orlando, Florida , there is probably about twenty per day..  These are people that listed with your competitor six months ago.  Their listing contract expired yesterday.  These are the hottest prospects you can find. Look at the list. These are the "low hanging fruit" of real estate listing prospects.  Call one.  If you don't know what to say, watch this.  These people need a Realtor.  They are probably going to list with you or your competitor today.  They want to sell their house.  You don't have to convince them to list with a Realtor.  They are already sold on that idea.  They are probably more motivated than they were six moths ago when they listed with ABC Realty.  All you have to do is call them.  Go see them.  List their house.  Do not overdo it.  Call one every day.  If you start calling several every day, you will probably start to make too much money.  Pick the best one and call.

     The eighth thing I want you to do is to call one foreclosure victim every day.  The Clerk of the Circuit Court publishes a list every day of the people that had a deputy sheriff show up at their door with a Lis Penden informing them that their house is being foreclosed upon.  It is for certain that they will be moving soon.   This is a hot prospect by any definition. Call one of these people.  They need your help like a drowning  man needs a life preserver.

     Sharks and scammers come out of the woodwork to take advantage of and cheat these unfortunate people.   If you want  to feel like a hero, call a foreclosure victim. You will be a hero when you get their house sold for them.  Show them how you can get their house sold,put a few shekels in their pocket at closing.  Show them how deficiency judgements work and why they don't want one.  If you want to do a service for your fellow man and earn commissions while you do it, call a foreclosure victim.  They need your help.  They are easy to find and easy to list.  Watch this video if you don't know how to call foreclosure victims.

     The ninth thing that is on my list of things for a new Realtor to do is floor duty.  Floor duty is where you are assigned to answer the  incoming calls to the office.  If your office has floor duty, there are salespeople assigned to answer the office phone when it rings.  As long as there has been Realtors, there have been Realtors that don't want to do their floor duty.  Put a sign on the office bullitin board that says" I will do your floor duty for you.  Call me".  You will get plenty of calls from your workmates wanting you to take their floor duty on Sunday afternoon.  Say yes.  You will get lots of experience at answering questions on the phone and you will find prospects.

     The tenth suggestion I have for new real estate sales associates is to an "Open House" at least once per month.  Once per week would be even more lucrative.  Find a nice empty house house that the company has listed.  Better yet, list a nice empty house.  Hold an open house on Saturday afternoon from one to five.  Prospects will just walk in the door.  If you need to spend more time with your spouse, take your spouse with you to the open house.  If you don't need more time with your spouse, take your computer and write a blog post.  

     The eleventh thing you need to do is to open a saving account.  When you get that first commission check, you will not believe how quickly it will disappear.  Take, at least, twenty per cent of that commission check and put it in that saving account.  This is a special saving account.  Next April, the IRS is going to be calling your name.  If you don't have the money to pay them, you will have stress.  Avo
id stress.  Open the saving account when you get your first check. Take this money out for only one reason, the IRS.

     The last thing I have to suggest for you to kickstart your new real estate career is to attend Climer School of Real Estate's 45 hour post license class.  This is such a good place to learn how to make money in the real estate business.  We teach you how to prospect for listings.  We teach you how to get deals closed.  We teach you how to make money  in real estate .

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