Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping At Night?

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     Maybe you are not tired enough.  Do you have written down goals?  Let me assume that you do.  Let's assume that your goal in real estate is to have four closings per month.  You can do the math backwards and figure out what you have to do to have four close four transactions per month.  If you prospect enough to have four closings per month, you will be tired enough to sleep well at night.

     If you are not tired, maybe you are not working hard enough.  Another symptom that you are not working hard enough is that you don't have enough money.  I assume, when you set your goals, that was enough money for you to live comfortably.  If my assumption is incorrect, you need to set some larger goals.
      If you know what you need to do to accomplish your goals, if you do it, you will be tired and sleeping at night will be easy.

     You need a plan.  Plan on prospecting.  There are two kinds of prospecting.  There is make the phone ring prospecting and there is dial the phone prospecting.  Making the phone ring is the most fun.  If you are in a hurry to make money, dialing the phone is the fastest.  If you need some money this month, start dialing the phone.  Who can you call?  You can call today's expireds.  In Orlando, there are fifteen expired listings every day.  They are going to list with someone very soon.  Why not call them?  Here is a video to show you how if you don't know how.

     Or you could call forsalebyowners.  Only ten per cent of these folks sell their house.  The other ninety per cent list with a Realtor.  Why not call them?  Call about twenty of these guys every day, you will not have any problem sleeping at night.  You will be tired.

     If you need to make money, here is a great plan.  Call people that are being foreclosed on.  You can get their name and number from the clerk of the court.  Find out who has just be served a summons from the deputy sheriff. Call them.  They are, for certain, moving soon.  That is what I call a hot prospect.   Here is a video to show you how to call foreclosure victims if you don't know how.  Call about ten of these guys every day and you will be tired at the end of the day.  

     Dialing the phone is a great way to make money. It might make you too tired.

     This is a lot slower but in the looooong run, it is better.  Make your phone ring.  In the twenty first century, business is done on the internet.  Make yourself visible on the internet.  When someone Googles" BEST REALTOR IN ORLANDO" does your name come up?  Set yourself a goal that it will in six months.  If you don't know how to make this happen, you need to start learning.  Start studying search engine optimization.  Make it happen for you.  If you can't be the "best Realtor in Orlando", be the "best Realtor in Longwood" or the best Realtor in Avalon Park".  Start studying SEO and get visible on the internet.

     If your phone is not ringing, you better be dialing it.  I don't make the rules but I know what they are.

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