Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Can Buy A New Motorcycle. You Only Have One Head

     I was riding my motorcycle on State Road 46 near the Wekiva River this afternoon.  The traffic was stopped just past the bridge.  When I finally got  to the accident scene, there were two bikes turned upside down beside the road and  a man on a stretcher getting into an ambulance.  His head looked like someone had taken a two inch paint brush and painted a red line down the top of his head.  They had too much paint on the brush and the red paint was running down the side of his head.

     Football players wear helmets.  Hockey players wear helmets.  Firemen wear helmets.  Paratroopers wear helmets.  Do they look like sissies?  Riding a motorcycle is dangerous.  Why would anyone get on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet?  It is a mystery to me. 

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