Sunday, August 3, 2014

Andy Brown's First Day Teaching at The Climer School of Real Estate

“First Days” don’t happen very often. Tuesday, July 29th was my first full-time day as an instructor at The Climer School of Real Estate. It was fantastic.

"Andy Brown's first Florida Real Estate License class at The Climer School of Real Estate"

Ron Climer is officially a mentor of mine and I don’t choose mentors lightly. Ron is a master at not only of the Florida Real Estate Licensing instructing but also public speaking and storytelling. His natural style is my natural style. There is much that he can teach me, and he wants to start taking more vacations. It sounds like a match made in heaven. When I first walked in, Ron sat me down. He said, “When I heard that Andy Brown was interested in teaching with me and becoming a part of the Climer School, I smiled from ear to ear. I hope it’s true.” We are both past presidents of The Winter Park Toastmasters so you know that we like to talk. I am making copious notes of all of Ron’s jokes and stories and where he inserts them. Not to worry, I have plenty of my own that I am bringing to the table.

Why would I be blogging about this? This is one of the main reasons that The Climer School of Real Estate stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Real Estate Licensing schools in central Florida. You will never be bored or falling asleep because of the monotonous drone of the intstructor! First and foremost though, we give you the information that you will absolutely, positively need to know to pass the state of Florida Real Estate licensing exam. We don’t fool around with this.

The class is 60 hours long. That’s a long time to sit in one place and just listen to someone talk, even if it’s about your favorite topic or thing in the world. If you get bored or your mind starts to wander too much, you would be missing out on getting the information that you’ll need to pass the Florida Real Estate exam. On the other hand, if you are having a good time, enjoying yourself, you’ll feel refreshed and aware much more often, you will be paying much more attention, and you will be learning more and retaining more, maybe even in spite of yourself. This is why we have fun in the Real Estate class at the Climer School of Real Estate.

It was a thrill standing up at the podium at 8:00 in the morning, looking out at my class, mentally gearing up to bring the class to attention and begin the class my way. I had 40 students. Many schools have 6 or 8. I had 40 in my first full, start to finish class at the Climer School. Ron Climer is going to let me create some new classes at the school to stay with the times.

We will soon be offering a “What Do I Do Now? Class. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that none of the state of Florida required, real estate classes for state licensure in anything prepare you for life in the real world after you get your license. They only prepare you to pass the state exam for licensure, to make you legal. There are so many newly licensed real estate sales agents, or “newbies”, that have no idea not only how to select a broker, but about what life is like as a working, professional real estate agent. I want them to know. The Climer School’s upcoming new class will be a full, day long class informing them of everything that they will need to know to prepare to become very successful. I’ll be blogging more about this new class in the very near future.

The Climer School of Real Estate will be offering the full, live in seats, Florida Sales Pre License class in Spanish! We can’t wait. We feel that it is an important need that has unfortunately been ignored. Did you know that you can sit for and take the state exam in Spanish? Spanish textbooks are available as well. We are also developing a Spanish language online class. We will soon have tutorial videos in spanish on our Youtube channel, the ClimerSchool,

Back to my first day. It was exciting, exhilarating, nervousness creating, and so much fun. We had a blast. And we will continue to have a blast. The Climer School of Real Estate in Orlando, Florida is the cheapest and least expensive, and the best, and the most informative, and the most fun real estate license school in all of Orlando and central Florida. And we are going to stay the way.

 Finishing up that first day, seeing the smiles on those 40 faces, knowing that I had become a small part of affecting and changing their lives, made me feel better than I have in a very, very long time. I knew that I had chosen the right school and legacy to hitch my wagon to. I can’t wait for the future. You should feel the same way. Andy Brown

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