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Prospecting & Salesmanship at the Climer School of Real Estate’s 45 Hour Post Licensing Class!

Prospecting & Salesmanship at the Climer School of Real Estate’s 45 Hour Post Licensing Class

How the Consumer Rated 'Number 1' - Best Real Estate License School in Central Florida does the 45 Hour Post License Class

Yesterday, The Climer School of Real Estate finished another, standing room only, 45 hour Florida Sales Associate Post License class. One thing is for sure, the future of the Orlando, Florida real estate market is in good hands. 
Time Is Money at The Climer Real Estate School

The state of Florida and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation say that after you successfully receive your Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License, you must successfully complete a Florida 45 Hour ‘Post’ Sales Associate License class. You must complete this course before your first renewal period or your license is gone! Ka-put! Null and Void! Never existed! 

Since you have to take this class, The Climer School of Real Estate, otherwise known as The Best Central Florida Real Estate School, makes this class relevant and useful for you. We certainly go over the necessary information in the manual for you to pass your mandatory end of class exam. However we go over much, much more. 

The Climer School of Real Estate goes over the skills and disciplines you need to be a success as a Real Estate Agent! 

What skills and disciplines do you need to be successful in real estate? You need prospecting, communication, and salesmanship skills and disciplines. You must learn how to find prospects and you need to know what a good prospect is. 

What is a good prospect? A good, qualified motivated prospect is someone who has a need for what you are selling, is looking for what you are selling, who has the wherewithal (financial and otherwise) to purchase what you are selling, and who is ready buy what you are selling in the next week to 90 days. Good, qualified prospects are also the most fun, easiest, and lucrative to work with, and they will give you multiple good referrals. 

You also must develop and implement a plan to find these prospects. They don’t just jump into the boat. You must have a plan to find someone to talk to, every single day. Mike Ferry has been reinforcing this fact for years, decades. Call on For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, and Withdrawn Listings, in the morning, every single day. 

It was eye opening experience for our students this past week. We had over 60 in our Post 45 class and every night they were given an assignment to pull the Expired Listings from that day, and to call an a FSBO. 

Most agents have call reluctance because they believe that every single other agent in town is calling on them. Nothing is further from the truth, and we proved it. For the first two nights, not a single student, all licensed real estate agents wanting to make money, pulled the Expired Listings list. On the second night, a student called a For Sale By Owner. He was told that no one had ever called him. Our Climer School student got the listing. He was thrilled. It was so easy for him. From then on, more and more students made calls, and we shared more and more success stories in the morning. And all of these were done in the evening of a day that they were in a 9 hour class. Folks, it can not get any easier than that. 

I assume we all know that listing is more lucrative than buyers. Listings are also less aggravation. It is my observation that most of my student's aggravation comes from the other Real Estate Agent. Check that out. 

Find a way to get yourself talking to a seller that needs to sell his house. You must. You just must do this. If you don't want to call for sale by owners, or expired listings or foreclosure victims, find a way to get them to call you. One or the other has to happen if you want to make money. Andy Brown said that he has been listening to Mike Ferry for years teach licensed Real Estate Agents to call FSBO's, Expireds, and Withdrawns. And Mike Ferry has helped to develop hundreds of millionaire Real Estate Agents, and he is not the only one. 

You must develop Communication and Salesmanship skills as well. First, If you don't say hello to a prospect, you will never say," Thanks for listing with me." Second, learn to answer a question with a question. Third, stay tuned to our Climer School of Real Estate Blog for more on successful Real Estate Selling. 

I meet new Real Estate Agents all the time that want to list houses and make money without hunting for prospects. This is a dream. Come to my 45 hour post license class. I will teach you a few ways to make them call you. I will teach you how to call them. Finding prospects is an essential skill.

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