Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Check out "The Waltons"

   With modern technology being what it is, we no longer have to let the television network decide what we are going to watch on television. We all have a DVR recorder to record a show and watch it when we want to. That is super cool. 
   Every day when I come home from Climer School of Real Estate, my wife, Kathy is watching "The Waltons" on the Hallmark channel.  Surveys have proven that the Waltons are the most popular family of all time. They are more popular than Ozzie and Harriet.  They are more popular than the Cleaver's.
   If you would like to have a bonding, learning experience with your children, record "The Waltons" and watch it  together every night.  What a perfect way to end the day.  Goodnight John Boy

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