Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What You Need To Know About Short Sales To Pass The State Exam

   At Climer School of Real Estate, I just taught the first day of a two day cram course for the Florida real estate exam.  Many of my students come from other Florida real estate schools. They took their required  sixty three hour pre license class on line or from another real estate school.  This two day class is not required by the Florida Real Estate Commission.  Students take it to gain knowledge to pass the Florida real estate exam. 
   At the end of the day today, one of the other school students came up to me and ask me what we needed to know about short sales for the Florida real estate exam.  I told him there was nothing on the state exam about short sales.  That is not even a real word.  It is a slang word.  He told me his instructor at the other school had spent quite a bit of time talking about short sales.  He said he had a pretty good understanding of short sales.  That is good. It will not help him pass the state exam. 
   In the real estate license business, we instructors have to constantly remind ourselves to teach what is on the exam.  It may not be fun.  It may not be interesting.  It is on the Florida real estate exam. 
   There is a lot of things I would rather teach.  There is even things that I know more about.  What my students need to know is what is on the Florida real estate exam.  That is what I teach in that class. Come back to my sales training class and I will teach you about short sales.   

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