Sunday, July 31, 2011

Now That You Have Your Florida Real Estate License

  The Florida Real Estate Commission has given you a Florida real estate license .  What to do now?  Step one, call several real estate companies.  Don't call one. Call six.  Do not have any reluctance to call.  This is not difficult.  If you are a man, you can remember in high school being so fearful to ask that cute girl for a date.  Once you ask her, you found out that she was dying for you to ask her. 
   This is like that.  The broker wants you to call.  You don't have to wait until you see a "Help Wanted" ad.  All good brokers are constantly looking for good new sales associates.
   Sales associates are the broker's biggest assets.  The broker wants you as much as you want them.  Pick the right company.  It can make a big difference in your career advancement.  My students at Climer School of Real Estate often ask me what is the best real estate company for them to go to work for.  There is no exact answer to this question. I always suggest they look at my website at the career opportunities section.  These are brokers that have linked to our site.  This is a free service we offer to help our broker friends recruit.  It is beneficial to our students also. 
   A recent graduate does not need to wait for a broker to indicate they are looking for new agents.  I tell my students you can call any real estate broker in Orlando,tell them you just graduated from real estate school.  Any good broker or sales manager will take it from there.  They will roll out the red carpet for you to come in for an interview.  Do not be afraid  to call them.  They are dying for you to call.
   Please take the time to read the article I wrote for, "Your First Real Estate Office, A Dozen Questions. "
   Do not let this be a stressful experience.  Relax.  Go talk to several real estate brokers and sales managers.  Every interview will be a learning experience. Ask them how things work at their place. Don't try to impress them. They will be impressed if you look and talk like you want to make money. 
   After you have talked to six, you will know where you want to be. 
   Ask them about money. How much money can you make?  How much money do you have to spend before you make any?  Ask them if they think you can be successful? 
   Listen to how you feel.  How do you feel about the office?  How do you feel about the sales manager? 
   Work hard at making a right decision.  It is an important one.

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