Friday, July 29, 2011

Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam With The Ultimate Talisman

   At Climer School of Real Estate, I have heard many tricks about how to pass the Florida real estate exam.  I assume everyone knows that if you take a little box of Godiva chocolates for the clerk, she will give you the easy test.
   It is certainly no secret that the test is easier in Spanish.Everyone knows that.
   It seems to be common knowledge that if you fail the tutorial, the computer loads in an easier test. Ostensibly the purpose of the tutorial is to get you used to the test and the computer.  Many people believe that the real purpose of the tutorial is to find the stupid students. The computer gives them a easier test. It is worth a try.  Since the pass rate for first time test takers is 52% and 33% for second time takers, we need all the help, we can get.
   If you really want to pass the Florida real estate exam the given by the Florida Real Estate Commission, what you need is the ultimate amulet, a lucky charm , a talisman of unequaled power and magic.  Yes, I am speaking of the Climer School of Real Estate refrigerator magnet.  It is red and white.  Red for courage and white for tranquility.
   Put the Climer School of Real Estate refrigerater magnet in your shirt pocket when you go to take the Florida real estate exam.  When you come to a question for which you are not certain of the answer, reach into your pocket and rub your hand across the magnet.  Rub your fingers down the  You will feel a new rush of confidence. .  You will know the answer you are choosing is correct.  You will know victory is just a few minutes away. 
   This works best if you got your magnet at the end of my two day state exam cram course.  Of course, you could have obtained your Climer School magnet when you ordered a set of that two day class on audio CD.
   Many people got their Climer School of Real Estate magnet when one of my students offered it to them in the parking lot at Pearson Vue where they give the state exam.  I ask my students to do that as they are leaving the state exam with a big smile on their face and they see someone crying in the parking lot.  I ask them to give their magnet, their lucky charm to that poor soul.    They need it.
   If you want to own your own lucky Climer School of Real Estate refrigerator  magnet, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.  She will send you one for FREE.

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