Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Get A Florida Real Estate License

      To get a Florida real estate license, the first thing you have to do is to apply with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for a real estate license.  The fee for this is $105. The DBPR's website is www.myfloridalicense.com

     You have to get your fingerprints taken. The fee for that is $57.  It has to be done at a place approved by the DBPR.

      You can find information about qualifications at my website at www.climerrealestateschool.com . You can also find out when my next 63 hour pre license class is. That is the class you need to pass before you take your Florida real estate exam.  You can take this class in a classroom for $220 or you can take it on line at Climer School of Real Estate for $199.  If you take it on line, we suggest that you buy a textbook.  You do not have to but it helps a lot.  If you take the 63 hour pre license class in the classroom, the textbook is included in the $220.  The textbook we use is " Florida Real Estate Principles and Practices and Law" by Linda Crawford.  Do yourself a favor.  Do not take an on line class from a real estate school that is not in Florida.  Read some of my previous articles to learn the consequences of that mistake.  Do not learn this the hard way.

      After you apply for your Florida real estate license through the DBPR, and you take your course from a Florida real estate school, now you need to pass the Florida real estate exam given at fifteen sites throughout Florida.  You can take this test anywhere there is a Pearson Vue testing facility.  One of my recent students is taking his test in Alaska.  There is a $31 fee to take the test. The pass rate is about 52% for first timers and about 33% foe repeaters.  That is why it is important that you go to a good Florida real estate school.

      We have a bunch of study aids to help you pass the Florida state exam. We have books and audio discs and You Tube videos.  Most of my students just come to class and go pass the Florida state exam.

     That is it . Apply $105. Get your fingerprints done $57.  Take the course $220. Pass the Florida real estate exam $31.  You are a Florida licensed real estate agent.  We even have career opportunities from local Realtors that are willing to reimburse your school tuition with your first commission.  Call Kathy in Orlando at 407 822 3926.  Get started now.  Contact us at www.climerrealestateschool.com .

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