Saturday, December 3, 2011

What You Need To Do To Earn Money As A Florida Real Estate Agent

     You need to talk to prospects.  Everything else is a detail.

     The definition of a prospect is someone that needs or wants your product, can afford it, and will probably buy it soon from you or your competitor.

     My previous posts were about contacting forsalebyowners, expired listings and foreclosure victims.  If you did not like that field of prospects, I suppose you could send post cards to obits and search divorce records. 

     Death, divorce and duress are what keep us in business.
     Let's be practical. If you are going to get some listings and make some money, you need to talk to a prospect. 

     If you don't want to pick up the phone and call a forsalebyowner of expired listing or foreclosure victim, just admit it.  You don't want to call them.  That is OK. Send them some mail or find another way to make them call you.  Make them call you. That is the ticket.  Get them to call you.  How can we do that?

     You could start a blog.  This is a blog. How did you get here?  Did you google a word or a question?  Did I meet you somewhere and asked you to read this article?  How did you get here? 

     If you started a blog about :
     Getting Your House Sold
     Great Neighborhoods in Orlando
     Why Be Foreclosed On?
     America's Best Real Estate Agent

     If you started such a blog, would anyone read it?  Would that person need a Realtor?  If they needed a Realtor, would they call you?  If they did call you, would you list their house and get it sold?  Can you think of a reason why this would not work?  If you can, leave me a comment.

     You could start your blog at eblogger.  How much does it cost?  It is free. 

     You could start your blog at Active Rain.  That is also free.

     Or, you could not start.  Everything has to start.  Your real estate career has to start.  It does not have to start slow.  You can make it start fast.  You are probably going to have to dial the phone to do that.
     You could start by calling one forsalebyowner or one expired listing or one foreclosure victim.

     If the only thing stopping you is you don't know what to say, send me an email at . I am working on a short ebook  that I intend to sell for $5 and  that will be released soon.  If you would like to be notified when it is ready.

     Selling real estate is such a wonderful way to earn a living.  Do not let unrecognized fear or lack of skill slow down your start.

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