Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Buying A House, Can I Talk Directly To The Seller?

     Of course, you can talk directly to the seller.  Often, when we deal with a Realtor, the Realtor wants to keep the buyer and seller away from each other.

     There are many reasons for this.  Sometimes this is very desirable for everyone.  Sometimes that is not the case.  If you believe your transaction would go smoother if you talked with the seller, get in touch with the other seller.

     The Realtors are governed by the rules of the MLS and the code of ethics of the Realtors association.  You, as a buyer or seller are not governed by these rules.

     For instance,  if you believe that the Realtor is not submitting your offer to the seller,  call the seller and ask them.  Your Realtor can not do that but you can.  You don't need anyone's permission.

     Realtors have two legitimate fears.  One fear is that the buyer and seller will make some effort to eliminate the commission.  This is almost impossible.  Realtors figure why take a chance.  If we can physically keep the buyer and seller apart, this is good.

     The Realtor's other legitimate fear is that the buyer and seller will somehow offend each other and get into a fight or flight mode.  Everybody gets mad and no closing.  This is a genuine fear.

     There could be some other reason one Realtor wants to keep the parties apart. One of the Realtors, for one of a dozen reasons, does not want this buyer to buy this property.

     If this seems to be the case, that is when you as the buyer want to certainly get in touch with the seller.  Your Realtor (governed by the rules of the MLS) can not contact the seller.  You are not bound by those rules. 

     If things smell fishy, contact the seller.  It is a pretty good bet that the seller wants the deal to close as much as you do.           

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