Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prospecting Sucess

     Yesterday, at Climer School of Real Estate, we finished a 45 hour post license class.  The future of real estate in Orlando,florida is in good hands.

     What skills do you need to be sucessful in real estate?  You need prospecting skills.  You must learn how to find prospects.  What kind of prospects?  Good qualified motivated prospects are the most fun and lucrative to work with. 

     You must develop and implement a plan to find prospects.  You must have a plan to find someone to talk to. 

     I assume we all know that listing is more lucrative than buyers.  Listings are also less aggravation.  It is my observation that most of my student's aggravation comes from the other Realtor.  Check that out.  Find a way to get yourself talking to a seller that needs to sell his house.  You must.  You must.

     If you don't want to call for sale by owners, or expired listings or foreclosure victims, find a way to get them to call you.  One or the other has to happen if you want to make money. Andy Brown said that he has been listening to Mike Ferry for years teach licensed Real Estate Agents to call FSBO's, Exprireds, and Withdrawns.

     You must develop prospecting skills.  If you don't say hello to a prospect, you can't say," Thanks for listing with me."

     I meet new Realtors that want to list houses and make money without hunting for prospects.  This is a dream.  Come to my 45 hour post license class. I will teach you a few ways to make them call you.  I will also teach you how to call them.  Finding prospects is an essential skill.

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