Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Start A New Ritual

      Rituals, like habits make life easy to navigate.  January is a great month to start a new ritual. 
      What if you started a new ritual of running the expired listings off  the computer every morning. You got out of bed and ran today's expired listings off the MLS.  What if you started doing that every day.  You kept that up for about a month.

      You didn't call them or mail them or anything stressful like that.  You just ran them off the computer every day and looked at them.  If you did this for some time, it would become a ritual.  It would become something that it is easier to do than it is to not do it. Who knows?  If you kept it up, you might decide to call one.

      Look at the rituals in your life now.  Everyday, you--------------- fill in the blank, Go to Starbucks, read the sport section of the paper, check out the facebook news.  Rituals are like habits.  They are easy to do, hard to not do.

      Why not create some rituals  that will put money in your pocket?  Post a blog post every day.  That could become a ritual

      Read the FSBO ads every day.  That could become a ritual.

      Go to the Clerk of the Circuit Courts website and see who is being foreclosed on today.  Maybe you could help them with this huge problem.  That could get to be a ritual after a short time.

      Maybe you could start a ritual of stopping in to visit with a foreclosure victim on the way home every day. Just say hello and maybe ask if  they would like to read an article you wrote about deficiency judgements. Maybe if you stopped in to visit with a few every week, one of them might need some help.

      Rituals Can enslave you or serve you.  Create some positive, lucrative rituals.now.  You will be glad you did later.

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