Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Attend All Three Meetings For Greater Sucess

     When you are attending any kind of meeting, what is the ideal time to arrive?   You need to understand that there is always three meetings.  There is the scheduled  meeting.  There is the meeting before the meeting.  There is the meeting after the meeting.  You are invited to the scheduled meeting or maybe commanded to attend that meeting.  There is another meeting before that meeting.  You have to invite yourself to that meeting.  Sometimes that meeting is in the lobby or the parking lot.  Sometimes big decisions are made at that meeting. 

     You can only be part of that committee if you are there.  If you arrive for "the meeting" at 8:58 for the 9 o'clock meeting, you may have missed the important part. You may not be in on the important decisions. Then there is "the meeting".  That is the reason we are here.  Stuff happens there.  Often what happens here was decided thirty minutes ago at the other meeting before you arrived.

     When the meeting is over, there is often another meeting after the meeting.  This is also outside or in the parking lot or lobby.  Once again, you have to invite yourself.  Nobody announces this meeting.  Lots of important business gets done at the meeting after the meeting. Be there or be square.  Many people leave "the meeting as soon as it is adjourned.  They wonder why they never know what is going on.  

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