Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fear, Do not Let It Stop You From Accomplishing Your Goals

     Fear.  That is what stops us.  You know it.  I know it.  We all know it.  Fear stops us from taking action.

     There are several ways to overcome fear.  An abundance of knowledge is probably the best.  You have all had this experience.  You are in a dark place.  You see or think you see something that causes you fear.  You turn on the light and that fearful thing turns out to be nothing to fear.  It is like "The Wizard of Oz".  Knowledge erases fear.

     Many new Realtors don't call FSBO's and expired listings because they are afraid.  They are afraid that their lack of knowledge will become apparent and embarrass them when they go meet these prospects.  The  solution is simple.  Increase your storehouse of knowledge.  Know more about the inventory.  Know more about financing.  Know more about the sales process than they can possibly know.  It does not take long to become an expert. It takes some study.  If you intend to get ahead in in job, you need to be studying.  Earl Nightingale says and I believe that anyone can become a national expert on any subject in five years.  He said that before the internet.  In today's world, you can become extremely knowledgeable in a very short time. Study.  It will eliminate fear.

     Action also eliminates fear.  Take action.  Just do it.  Dial that phone.  Knock on that door.  Publish that blog.  Give that speech.  Action.  Fear runs away from action.  It is magic.  It is hard to be fearful when you are doing something. 

     Associate with brave people.  Remember when we were kids.  Kids talk each other into doing stuff that they would never do alone.  I double dog dare you. Associate with people that their lack of fear assuages your fear.  Associate with winners.  Hang out with people that are doing what you are afraid to do.  If you are afraid to speak in public, join Toastmasters.  If you are afraid to prospect, hang around with some people that are doing it.  Ask them if you can watch. Don't be afraid to ask.  They will say yes. 

     Have a plan.  Nothing overcomes fear better than a good plan.  When David fought Golitah, h had a plan.  He didn't plan on becoming king. That is what happened.   He had a plan to win that fight.  Do you reckon he was afraid. Get a plan. Execute your plan well.  No fear.

     Knowledge, action, associate with brave people, get a plan.  Your fear will evaporate. 

     When fear goes away, money shows up to take its place.

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