Sunday, February 5, 2012

Selling Real Estate is A Wonderful Career

     Selling real estate in Florida  is a wonderful career.  What is important in a career?  Earning money is usually at the top of most people's list of career choices. 

     Certainly, selling real estate qualifies as a lucrative career. It qualifies in the money department. 

     What about career advancement?  In real estate, after a few years, you could become a sales manager, teaching others how to start a new career.  You could open your own real estate office and become a broker.  This would be like appointing yourself sales manager.  Lots of people have become wealthy being a real estate broker.

     What about retirement?  This one is tricky.  A smart real estate agent will learn to buy rental houses or other income producing real estate.  If you bought one every year for twenty years, you would have a nice retirement.  A good real estate agent will find more bargains by accident than most layman will if they are looking for super deals.  It just happens.  You see bargain houses that just came on the market.  You find the one that has been on the market forever and the seller decides to cut the price in half today.  when you find one like that , buy it.  Do that about ten times in a lifetime, you can retire. 

     There you have it.  Selling real estate is lucrative.  There is plenty of room for advancement.  You can't beat the retirement plan.

     Get the facts.  Call a real estate sales manager or call us at Climer School of Real Estate.  We will show you how to start your Florida real estate career.

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