Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buy A House THe Easy Way

     Step One:  Get all your money together for a down payment.  Be sure you know how much you have.

     Step two:  How much mortgage can you qualify for?  Take your gross income, multiply it by 31%.  That is the maximum house payment (PITI ) that FHA will allow you to make.  Then take your gross income and multiply it by  43%.  That is the maximum debt that FHA will allow you to have.  That is your house payment, car payment, truck payment, Visa, Mastercharge, Discover, Kohls, Macys, Sears, motorcycle payment, boat payment, jet ski payment, all your payments.

     Step three:  Check your own credit at or 877 322 8228

     Step four:  Go find a house.  That is the easy part.  If you meet a Realtor, share the above information with them.  Call me at 407 822 3926 if you can not find a good Realtor.  I will hook you up with a good one. 

     Step five:  Read and understand the contract before you sign it. Did I say before you sign it?

     Step six:  Do what you agreed to do and expect the seller to do what he agreed to do.

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