Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If You Do IT Every Day, You Have To Get Better

Consistency is key. No matter how you choose to create success in your real estate career, it helps if you are consistent.

If you think calling expired listing is a good idea, call them consistently. Call every day.

If you think blogging is your road to success, blog every day consistently.

If you think networking is the key to success, network every day.

If you think floor duty is the path you want to follow, do it consistently. Do it often.

Whatever you do, if you don't do it consistently, you
can't tell if it is working.

Consistency is the magic ingredient in almost every thing we do.

Work on being consistent. It is amazing how small efforts grow into huge results. They do. Consistently keep plodding towards your goals.  Wow. I can hardly believe we have done so much.

Just a little bit every day over a month. six months, a year, it starts to add up.

Set goals. Break them down into time frames and consistly  strive toward them. You will amaze yourself.

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