Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Name This "Show Me Your Florida Real Estate License" Week

In Florida,real estate licenses expire on March 31 and September 30.

Monday, April second should be named,in Florida, "Show me your Florida real estate license" day.

A lot of people did not renew their Florida real estate license last week. If these procrastinaters are old timers, their real estate license became involentary inactive. That is the status assigned by the Florida Real Estate Commission. If this is their first time to renew, and they did not renew, their brand new Florida real estate license became null and void on March 31. What does that mean? That means that rookie Realtor does not have a real estate license. We will see you in pre license school. Check us out at .

If you are a sales manager, you should send out a memo and have every agent stop by the office and show you their Florida real estate license. OR you can wait until some one is trying to NOT pay you a commission that they justly owe you. Then you discover that your agent did not renew his liceense last month or six months ago. Your company will not get that commission.

If you are co-oping a transaction with an agent that doesn't have a proper license, your commission could be in jepardy. Mr. Florida Real Estate Broker, if your sales associates real estate license is not current, proper, valid and active, it could jepardize your commission.

As a Florida real estate school operater, I see lots of people that are activly selling real estate and do not renew their real estate license in a timely manner.

Do your co workers,your associates,your friends, your co-opers, a favor and ask to see their Florida real estate license. Check the expiration date.

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