Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Old Text Book and a Sow's Ear

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You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Where is that clique from?

I was over hearing one of Kathy's conversation at Climer School of Real Estate. The caller was telling Kathy that she had bought a used textbook, "Florida Principles and Practices of Real Estate" by Gaines and Coleman. She wanted Kathy to give her a discount for suppling her own textbook. The textbook is included in our real estate class. Here is the reason. The textbook this lady had purchased on line on ebay was a 24th edition. We are teaching Frorida Real Estate Commission course I out of the 35th edition. This is the course you need to get your Florida real estate license.

If you are studying to get your Florida real estate license, you do not want to be studying out of a antique textbook. These laws change all the time. Worse than not knowing is learning stuff that is not correct.

What s the big deal? you ask. The big deal is you study a fact like the maximum fine the FREC can fine a licensee, then when you take your Florida real estate exam, that information has changed.

Don't try to save a few pennies with an old real estate textbook. Call Pam at 407 822 3926. Even if you buy a textbook elsewhere, Kathy can tell you what edition it should be.

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