Thursday, April 19, 2012

Read The Question Carefully On The Florida Real Estate Exam

     As I was grading test papers today at Climer School of Real Estate, I noticed about eighty per cent  of my students missed question number seven. 

     I thought that must be some super tough question that I did not cover well in class.  I picked up a test and read question seven.  It was not a tough question.  I had covered the information very well.  The question format was the problem.  It was one of those questions; "Which of the following is false?"  There is something about that question format that confuses students and test takers. 

     Let's try one.  Which of the following is false?
                             A. The Florida Real Estate Commission has seven members.
                             B.  The members of the Florida Real Estate Commission are appointed                 
                                   by  the governor.
                             C.  All members of the Florida Real Estate Commission are licensed real
                              D. The Florida Real Estate Commission can suspend real estate licenses.

     The best way to answer this question is to go to your scrap paper ans write down
       Then, put a T or F  next to each one.  A is true, put a T.  B is true, put a T.  C  is false,
        put a F.  D is true, put  a T.   Three T's and one F make the answer obvious.  We are looking for the false  answer.  The false one is the correct one.  Be careful. It cost $31 to fail the Florida real estate exam.

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