Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can I Depend On You To Pick Me Up On Time

     At Climer School of Real Estate, people are often dropped off for class by a friend or relative.  This is because the student doesn't have a car or doesn't have a driver's license.  Can I depend on you to pick me up on time?  The keyword is depend.  When you accept the responsibility to pick someone up from an event, it is more than important that you show up on time.  It is imperative that you show up on time. 

     When I teach night real estate classes, I always ask the students, the first night of class, if anyone is being picked up by a friend or relative.  Our classes end at 9:50.  I tell these students to tell their friend that we end at nine o'clock.  I have discovered that many of the friends and relatives are late.  I usually go into a long soliloquy about how and why I will not wait around in the cold empty parking lot with you after class when whoever is supposed to pick you up is late.  I go on and on about how dark and spooky it is in the parking lot at ten oclock. 

    I encouage these people to ask around and see if they have a classmate that lives near to them and would be willing to drop them off instead of their friend picking them up. 

     In thirty years of teaching. I am amazed how many people are late when picking up a friend or relative.  This is unforgiveable.  When you have been charged responsibility of picking someone up, you can't be late.  Triple that if the person being picked up is a child. 

     If you are late, your loved one is in a dark, empty parking lot alone.  What is worse than alone?  What if one of your loved ones classmates agreed to wait in the cold empty parking lot with your loved one?  Who is that person?  Who knows.  Be on time.  Better yet, be early.  It is really important. 

     Promptness is always important.  In this case it is more than important.  It is imperative.

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