Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Selling Real Estate is Dangerous, Be Safe

     Personal safety is paramount.  If your personal safety is in jeopardy, everything else is a detail.  Selling real estate, by it's nature, is dangerous.  This is not alarming news.  It is just news.  We are constantly meeting strangers.  We are often in empty houses. 

     Your first protection is awareness.  I never cover this at Climer School of Real Estate in real estate licensing class.  I doubt that any other real estate instructor covers this issue in their class.  It is mentioned very briefly in The Association of Realtors orientation class.  There are a lot of things that we can do to be more safe.  We are kinda like a person that has never been in a boat.  How would this person know that a life preserver is a good thing.  They would not know this.  Someone would have to tell this rookie boater to wear a life preserver.  Selling real estate is dangerous.  Know this and take measures to be prepared.  Here is a couple of suggestions if things go badly.

     Carry a knife.  Why would a lady NOT have a knife in her purse?  It doesn't take up much room.  I prefer a folding knife.  A lady can easily carry a small hunting knife in a sheath in her purse or a folding knife.  I carry a Kershaw knife in my pocket all the time. 

     Another wonderful thing is a flashlight.  At Lowes, you can buy a metal Mag Lite.  Anytime you are going into an empty house, with or without a prospect, take your Mag Lite with you.  It is like a club that shines.  Get yourself one.  Put it in your car.  Carry it with you when you show or inspect houses. 

     Pepper spray is another non lethal choice for personal protection. You can put this on your key chain.  This is not a toy.  If people see this on your key chain, they will not toy with you.

     Anytime you are in a dangerous situation, any of these three things would probably be enough to give you a few seconds to get away.  All you need to do is get away. 

     Don't be defenseless.  Don't be a victim.  In a boat, wear a life preserver.  In a car, wear a seat belt.  On a motorcycle, wear a helmet.  In a dangerous situation, prepare yourself .


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