Saturday, September 29, 2012

In Real Estate, Your Phone Voice Is Important

     You have done the hard part.  You have advertised.  You have written blog posts.  You have attracted customers to your webpage.  The phone is ringing.

     Do not mess up now.  Rule number one is answer the phone.  If you want to know what your customers want, just ask yourself what you want when you are a customer.  Which do you prefer when you call a business; a machine or a person?  I think we can all agree that a person is the best way for a business to have their phone answered. 

     Just as people will leave your website if they can't find the answers to their questions, they will quickly say goodbye if they can not get their questions answered on the phone.  Know the answers to the questions.  "When is your next class?"  What do I have to do to get a Florida real estate license?"  "Do you have a military discount?" When people ask questions, know the answers. 

     Often, it is necessary to ask clarifying questions.  Make them short, sweet and to the point.  "When is your next class?"  "Do you want a day class or a night class?"  Add necessary information to your answer.  "Our next day class is October 22.  It starts at 8 A. M. The tuition is $220.  Did you want to enroll in that class?"

     Learn to gently close.  Did you recognize,"Do you want to enroll in that class?" as a closing question?  In real estate that might sound like, " Yes it has a pool.  Would you like to see that home now or would this afternoon be more convenient for you?"  People do not mind being closed if they are ready to buy.  The best way to find out if they are ready to buy is to ask a closing question.

     Be pleasant.  There is no excuse for a tone of voice or words that indicate you are annoyed by the caller.  The caller is your potential customer.  The caller has called in hope of becoming your customer.  There is no reason to be anything other than super pleasant. 

     If the customer's lack of knowledge about your product or procedure is annoying, keep that information to yourself.  If you ascertain by your conversation with the caller that they are not a prospect  for your product, that is not an excuse to to be short or rude with your words or tone of voice.  Just nicely say,"I don't think we can help you today.  If you ever do need a real estate class, please call us back. Thank you for your call."

     Answer the phone when it rings.  Give the caller the information they want.  Ask them to buy.  Be nice.  Your business will flourish. 

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