Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Don't Interrupt Me

     If there is any doubt in your mind that it is rude to interrupt people when they are talking, please take my word for it.  It is rude.  It is extremely rude.  Yet, people do it all the time.  They do it in social situations.  They do it in sales situations.  They do it in classrooms.  Here is my advice. Don't do it.   Do not interrupt people when they are talking unless the building is on fire.  Don't interrupt your boss.  Don't interrupt your customer.  Don't interrupt your spouse.  Don't interrupt your kids.

     If the purpose of you conversation is to persuade or to sell a product or service, interrupting is counter productive.  If the purpose of your conversation is to display your lack of manners and couth, go ahead, interrupt. 

     If you think about this, you are not learning when you are talking.  The secret to sales success is to learn what your customer wants and show him how your product will help him get it.  If your customer has a urge to talk and tell you something that will lead you closer to a sale, do not interrupt him and start talking about your product.  Let them talk. Do not interrupt. 
     You need to realize that the first step to learning this vital skill is awareness.  Most people do not realize how much they interrupt others.  Start paying attention to other people in a social conversation. 
People interrupt other people all the time.  It is rude.  Part of awareness is to recognize that it is rude.

     The second part of the problem is patience.  Today's society has no patience.  Develop patience.  It is a highly regarded personality trait.  Listen to the other guy.  Let him talk.  Listen to the other guy with patience.  As you start to develop skill at this, you will be amazed.  People don't always say what you thought they were going to say.  If you don't develop the patience to listen to other people, you will never know this. 

     Another part of the problem is many people don't care what other people think of them.  They believe it is not important.  We call this arrogance and other synonyms.  In a society, what other people think of you is important.  If you find yourself with a slight amount of arrogance, work on getting rid of it.  It does not help you achive your goals.

     Be aware.  Be patient.  Don't interrupt your next customer.    

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