Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Florida Real Estate School Tuition

     Why is Florida real estate school tuition more at some schools?  The old cliche, "You get what you pay for." just doesn't apply to real estate school tuition.

     Some schools have much more overhead than others.  High rent means high overhead.  High overhead causes high tuition.  Some schools hire promotional experts, SEO experts and other non productive experts.  Some schools don't have many students so they need more money per student.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we are in the Rosemont Building at 5104 North Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.  We have been right there since 2001.  It is not the fanciest building in town.  It is certainly a convenient location.  It is a half mile from the Orlando Area Association of Realtors.

     Another thing that causes high overhead is paying instructors. The truth is good instructors are hard to find.  Since I do most of the teaching at Climer School of Real Estate, I don;t create much overhead. 

     Administrative costs can add to overhead.  Secretaries, assistants and other administrative personnel are expensive.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we only have Kathy.  She answers the phone and takes care of anything and everything else that needs to be done.  She doesn't add much to the overhead either. 

     Here we are.  Ron teaching.  Kathy doing everything else.  We charge $220 tuition for our basic pre license sales associate course.  That includes the textbook.  People ask Kathy all the time,"What is the difference between you and the expensive real estate school?" .  She tells them to read our Google reviews and read their Google reviews.  Look at our Facebook page.  People don't shower you with accolades if you are not doing a great job teaching the classes.  We do an excellent job.  Because we know how to keep our overhead low, we do not have to charge outrageous tuition.  We also don't have to hit our students with a bunch of hidden fees and charges. 

     What you think you are getting is what you are getting.  If you want a state exam review class, we have the best one in the state for sixty dollars.  If you already have your own book, we don't sell you another one that you don't need.  If you want to learn the math on the Florida real estate exam, we have nine free videos to teach you that.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO8Nq_eny0w   Check it out. 

     If you are looking for a great Florida real estate school in Orlando, contact us at www.climerrealestateschool.com .

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