Sunday, January 13, 2013

If You Got Your Florida Real Estate License Between April And September 2011

     Your Florida real estate license will expire on March 31st 2013.  Florida real estate licenses only expire on two dates; March 31 and September 30.  If you got your Florida real estate license in 2011, it is almost ready to expire for the first time.

     In Florida, before you renew your real estate license for the first time, you have to take a forty five hour post license course.  You can take this post license class online or you can take it in a classsroom.  Even attorneys with a Florida real estate license have to take this course before they can renew their real estate license the first time. At  many real estate schools, this class is a boring drag.  At Climer School of Real Estate, this class is fun.  It is interesting.  You learn stuff that will put money in your pocket.  We teach you the basics of making money in real estate sales.  If your Florida real estate license is about to expire, contact Kathy at  and enroll in this class.  You can call Kathy at 407 822 3926.

     What happens if you get busy and forget to take this course before March 31st?  When you wake up on April Fool's day, you will not have a Florida real estate license.  There is no grace period.  There is no excuses.  However, all is not lost.  You can enroll in the old pre license class.  Send in a new batch of fingerprints.  Pay the $105 application fee to the DBPR.  And the most fun activity; pass the Florida real estate exam again.  Do you remember paying $31.50 to take that?  The price has not changed since 2011.

     Look at your Florida real estate license.  I assume it is in your wallet.  The expiration date is right on your license.  If you don't have it in your wallet, you can look yourself up at the DBPR's website.Their website is

     Enroll in our post license class.  We want to see you there.  We do not want to see you in our April get your Florida real estate license class. 


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